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A request to teachers - The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
A request to teachers
When you tell students to get background information for science projects, please tell them that this doesn't mean that they need to get a book telling them what the exact outcome of their projects will be. They're not going to find a book on the subject of greater surface area and friction in parachutes, or one on what will best neutralize hydrochloric acid. Those books may exist somewhere, but they're highly technical and probably not what you're expecting them to find. Honestly, never having had to do background information on a science lab (we didn't have science fair projects at my school), I'm not always sure what's expected. Sometimes, it's intuitive--if a student is doing an experiment on differences in sensory perception between girls and boys, you want to know how the sense works and have a basic idea about neurological differences in males and females. Sometimes, it could go in any direction (electrical conductivity of various foods--chemical composition of foods? Properties of electricity? History of electrical experimentation? Heck, electrical engineering?) Or maybe I'm just overthinking.
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