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To early November - The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
To early November
Okay, it's time to sleep.

I've gotten something resembling an HBP timeline up to early November, 1996. I had to fudge on when (edited for oh-so-earth-shattering spoiler) a new member is chosen for the team, and made an educated guess on the first Quidditch match (the first or second Saturday in November) based on previous books. The Hogsmeade weekend, I'm pretty sure is Oct 19, though since it's only identified as "the middle of October," it could be Oct 12--but it seems that the 19th is identified as the "middle of July" (since the twelfth can't be two weeks after the end of OotP), so I stuck to the 19th for consistency.

I'll figure out December on later.

For now, corrections, additions, anything other dates that are nailed down?

Sun Jun 30
Mon Jul 1: Full moon
Tues Jul 2
Wed Jul 3
Thurs Jul 54
Fri Jul 5
Sat Jul 6: End of OotP
Sun Jul 7
Mon Jul 8
Tues Jul 9
Wed Jul 10
Thurs Jul 11
Fri Jul 12
Sat Jul 13
Sun Jul 14 (week of): Over this week, Amelia Bones is murdered, Emmeline Vance is murdered, the Brockdale Bridge collapses, DEs and giants attack in the West Country, Herbert Chorley Imperio'd
Mon Jul 15
Tues Jul 16: Fudge is sacked as Minister of Magic; Rufus Scrimgeour takes over. Arthur Weasley promoted?
Wed Jul 17: Hermione arrives at the Burrow
Thurs Jul 18
Fri Jul 19: Dumbledore comes to get Harry; they visit Slughorn; Fudge and Scrimgeour visit PM; Narcissa and Bella visit Snape.
Sat Jul 20: 1 am, Harry and DD arrive at Burrow; Tonks is talking to Molly. Later morning, Harry reunites with R/Hr, and learns of Fleur and Bill's engagement, and that Molly has been trying to get Tonks over for dinner
Sun Jul 21
Mon Jul 22
Tues Jul 23
Wed Jul 24
Thurs Jul 25
Fri Jul 26
Sat Jul 27
Sun Jul 28
Mon Jul 29
Tues Jul 30: Full moon; Ollivander disappears? Neville's birthday.
Wed Jul 31: Harry's birthday; Remus comes and tells of Dementor attacks, death of Karkaroff, disappearance of Fortescue and Ollivander

Thurs Aug 1: Arkie Philpott examined by Probity Probe at Gringotts.
Fri Aug 2
Sat Aug 3: Harry, Hermione, and Weasleys go to Diagon Alley. Observe Draco's shady dealings, conflict with Narcissa, visit to WWW.
Sun Aug 4
Mon Aug 5
Tues Aug 6
Wed Aug 7
Thur Aug 8
Fri Aug 9
Sat Aug 10
Sun Aug 11
Mon Aug 12
Tues Aug 13
Wed Aug 14
Thurs Aug 15
Fri Aug 16
Sat Aug 17
Sun Aug 18
Mon Aug 19
Tues Aug 20
Wed Aug 21
Thurs Aug 22
Fri Aug 23
Sat Aug 24
Sun Aug 25
Mon Aug 26
Tues Aug 27
Wed Aug 28: Full Moon
Thurs Aug 29
Fri Aug 30
Sat Aug 31: Talks to R/Hr about Malfoy. Has spent "the last week of holiday" thinking about it. What he was doing for three previous weeks is unclear.

Sun Sep 1: Return to school on Hogwarts Express. Harry tells Arthur his suspicions about Draco; Intro of Slug Club; Harry listens in on Malfoy; Draco breaks Harry's nose; Tonks rescues Harry on train, Snape comments on her Patronus
Mon Sep 2: Is actually, historically, and canonically Monday! McGonagall gives out schedules; Harry has DADA and Potions. Gets detention from Snape the following Saturday, but gets notice from DD that they will have a lesson at that time. Goes to Potions, acquires HBP's old book, wins Felix Felicis potion for Draught of Living Death.
Tues Sep 3: Over at least four Potions classes this week: Harry develops a reputation for being good at Potions.
Wed Sep 4
Thurs Sep 5
Fri Sep 6
Sat Sep 7: Harry discusses the HBP with Ron and Hermione; Hermione surmises that HBP could be a girl. On the way to DD's Harry sees Trelawney with cards. DD shows Harry Bob Ogden's memory of the House of Gaunt.
Sun Sep 8
Mon Sep 9
Tues Sep 10
Wed Sep 11
Thurs Sep 12
Fri Sep 13: Stan Shunpike arrested.
Sat Sep 14: Talk about missing Hagrid; Quidditch try-outs; Harry gets his new book and decides to keep the old one. Hagrid tells them that Aragog is dying. Slughorn holds his first party, but Harry can't go because he has detention with Snape. Arthur visits Malfoy home for the second time; no artifacts found.
Sun Sep 15
Mon Sep 16
Tues Sep 17
Wed Sep 18
Thurs Sep 19
Fri Sep 20
Sat Sep 21
Sun Sep 22
Mon Sep 23
Tues Sep 24
Wed Sep 25
Thurs Sep 26
Fri Sep 27: Full moon
Sat Sep 28
Sun Sep 29
Mon Sep 30

Tues Oct 1
Wed Oct 2
Thurs Oct 3
Fri Oct 4
Sat Oct 5
Sun Oct 6
Mon Oct 7
Tues Oct 8
Wed Oct 9
Thurs Oct 10
Fri Oct 11
Sat Oct 12
Sun Oct 13
Mon Oct 14
Tues Oct 15
Wed Oct 16
Thurs Oct 17
Fri Oct 18
Sat Oct 19: Harry tries Levicorpus on Ron. Hogsmeade weekend. Slughorn invites for fourth party. Harry discovers that Mundungus is stealing (Tonks, in Hogsmeade, is nonplused). Katie Bell is cursed by necklace. Harry tells McGonagall his suspicions about Malfoy; Ron and Hermione take McGonagall's side. Gets word of DD's next lesson. (Note: Could be the twelfth)
Sun Oct 20: Katie is transferred to St. Mungo's.
Mon Oct 21: Lesson with DD, 8pm; DD's own recollection of first meeting eleven-year-old Tom Riddle, plus Burke's memory of buying Merope's necklace. Phineas, enraged at learning about Mundungus's thefts when Harry tells DD, goes back to his GP portrait.
Tues Oct 22: Herbology (a.m.) H/R/Hr talk about Harry's lessons while they work with a Snargaluff. Hermione brings up Slughorn's Christmas party, and asks Ron to go with her (sort of). Harry watches them closely over the next few days.
Wed Oct 23: (over weeks) Katie Bell remains in infirmary. Harry is reluctant to replace her.
Thurs Oct 24
Fri Oct 25
Sat Oct 26: Full moon
Sun Oct 27
Mon Oct 28
Tues Oct 29
Wed Oct 30
Thurs Oct 31

Fri Nov 1: (Unclear timing, vaguely close to this date): At some point as the Slytherin match is looming: Harry invites Dean to be Chaser after Transfiguration; there is muttering in the Common Room. Ron punches Demelza during practice; later, he and Harry find Dean and Ginny kissing, and no one is thrilled about it. As they leave they see a "small girl" in the seventh floor corridor, but pay no attention to her.
Sat Nov 2
Sun Nov 3
Mon Nov 4
Tues Nov 5
Wed Nov 6
Thurs Nov 7
Fri Nov 8: Ron is surly and ill-tempered at Quidditch, misses all his goals, and makes Demelza cry. Harry threatens to cut him from the team if he doesn't knock it off. Ron, ashamed, offers to resign.
Sat Nov 9: (could be Nov 2, based on previous Quidditch patterns) Gryffindor vs. Slytherin; Harry fakes giving Ron Felix Felicis; after match, Ron gets together with Lavender, and Hermione attacks him with magical canaries.
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sixth_light From: sixth_light Date: July 20th, 2005 07:56 am (UTC) (Link)
The first day of school was really a Monday? And September the first wasn't?

Miracles do happen.
velvetmouse From: velvetmouse Date: July 20th, 2005 11:49 am (UTC) (Link)
Hmm, don't have a copy of the book onhand at the moment, but I'm vaguely remmebering a "approximately 4 weeks since the end of school" comment when Harry finally gets back to the Burrow. Which would put the end of OotP closer to June 20th-ish, which makes a bit more sense to me. July 6 seems *awfully* late to me for the end of school. I take it you're basing that date on the nearest previous full moon?
fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: July 20th, 2005 01:54 pm (UTC) (Link)
Well, it's mid-July, and Harry's been home for two weeks. According to the OotP timeline, Harry's last OWL and the Ministry battle would be June 24. The Daily Prophet comes out the next Sunday, June 27, while Ron and Hermione are still in the hospital wing, and they get back to the Gryffindor common room that Tuesday--should be June 29--and I think it's the next Saturday that they come back on the Hogwarts Express, so that would be into early July.
velvetmouse From: velvetmouse Date: July 20th, 2005 07:27 pm (UTC) (Link)
Huh, okay. And I couldn't find the passage I thought I was remembering, either. Guess that works then :-)
nenyaentwhistle From: nenyaentwhistle Date: July 22nd, 2005 10:27 pm (UTC) (Link)
Actually that's quite correct for UK schools, different system there :).
From: (Anonymous) Date: July 22nd, 2005 11:22 pm (UTC) (Link)
Yes, summer holidays in Britain last ofr six weeks. English/Welsh state schools begin their summer holidays in mid-July. In Scotland summer holidays are from early July to mid-August.

Hogwarts seems to combine the two systems by having summer holidays of 8-9 weeks. The Hogwarts Express travels on the first Saturday of July, although I think there is one book (I forget which) in which the date seems to be 30 June.
litlefallofrain From: litlefallofrain Date: July 21st, 2005 03:43 am (UTC) (Link)
You *are* brilliant.
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