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Drakhoul and New Rossiya - The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
Drakhoul and New Rossiya
Continuing my "read all the books on the shelf" project.

I've been reading the second in Sarah Ash's Tears of Artamon series, Prisoner of the Iron Tower (or something very close to that; I don't have it in my hand just now). Weird meshing of fantasy, horror (it's Dracula-based on some of its magic), and politics. It makes me wonder why I've ever bothered to disguise geography or remove a lot of serial numbers. It takes place in an Eastern European kind of empire called "New Rossiya," including cities like "Muscobar" and building called the "Winter Palace." Oh, and a neighboring country is "Francia," and princess is "Astasia." And a vampire is "Drakhoul." All that aside, it's a pretty neat book, and I think I'll go back and read the first and ahead to the third. I like most of the people, and I'm intrigued at her ability to handle fantasy with no clear good guys or bad guys (except the saintly servant girl, of course, who puts me to sleep). My only headache has been an inability to stop trying to figure out the geography of the fantasy world via its real world names. I think it just struck me because the fantasy I've been goofing around with is vaguely American-based, and I've been scouring it for anything that might be too obvious a name connection. Maybe I don't need to be quite so careful about it.
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