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The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
Sorry for the delay. I finally realized where I had to go with Imelda, and I guess it should have been obvious, but... it's summer reading season and I am highly distracted. ;p
Call Me A Fool: Chapter 10Collapse )
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Okay, so the Stranger Things posts are possibly not the best attention getters, but you know... I've been waiting two years. I'll give myself a week to obsess. :D

Oh, no. Hopper isn't perfect. Guess I'll have to boycott now.Collapse )
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So, how'd I do on my pre-season guesses?
A ton and a half of spoilersCollapse )

General season 3 thoughtsCollapse )
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First impression before looking at anyone else's:

Not quite as compelling, the plot was a little silly, but I can't help it. I love these guys.
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I haven't done one of these for a while. Ask the Coco characters (including my OCs) anything you want, and I'll answer.
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Phew. That took too long!

Call Me A Fool: Chapter 9Collapse )
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Before I get myself lost in memories of the summer Miguel spent in the capital learning to make guitars, here it is as a standalone.

Soy TuyoCollapse )
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I have started and re-started the chapter several times now. I know where I'm going (the story ends on Posadas), but I've gone off on a bunch of tangents that need addressing now. I should be past Dia de Muertos now. What I'd wanted to do originally isn't working in the mythos, or the location (I'd say what my problem is, but that would be a spoiler). I find I mostly want to meander around Miguel's life and meet people, and that's not a freaking story. Maybe I should take a cue from Stephen King and blow something up to get the plot moving. ;p (No. I'm just going to take a deep breath, dive into something resembling the plot, and fix the transition later. This is the problem with live writing.)

Plus, I'm three essays behind on Patreon because my head isn't right. (I'm mostly fooling around in InkScape because it's a sharp learning curve, meaning I feel like I'm not treading water.) Grr. Serious writing time to put in this weekend. And I think at the end of the month, I'm going to close up the Patreon.
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But still messing around. I decided to try a more stylized cover for this story.
CoverCollapse )
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Call Me A Fool: Chapter 8Collapse )
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It's time to get the worlds in alignment...

Call Me A Fool: Chapter 7Collapse )
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I'm almost out of free time. So I continue to spend it messing around with bezier curves and wacky shading practices. So here are Denny and Bridget, a couple of days after she flew in to Mexico City and ignored all warnings that the sun was a bit more direct than she was used to.

Seriously, prima... it puts the sunscreen on its skin, or it gets the hat again!Collapse )
And, as a bonus, the last of the girlfriends as an album coverCollapse )
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So, I've been practicing with Inkscape. I tend to get bored before I do enough details, but I managed a reasonable facsimile of Miguel and Anja. (Ignore the background. That's where my impatience kicks in. Also, the shoes... sorry, Imelda...)

That exact moment when you realize you're dating a flakeCollapse )
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And here's where I have to start leaning on OCs... hope people like them...

Call Me A Fool: Chapter 6Collapse )
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Miguel's chapters write faster than Imelda's...

Call Me A Fool: Chapter 5Collapse )
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I decided more needed to be happening in the LotD...
Call Me A Fool: Chapter 4Collapse )
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Call Me A Fool: Chapter 3Collapse )
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Okay, so... I'm feeling my way in here. It's just not a proper long-form Coco story without hearing from the other side, though...

Call Me A Fool: Chapter 2Collapse )
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Okay, so the other version of older Miguel was a dud. Here's another try. It's going to be multi-chapter, but probably not hugely multi-chapter.

Call Me A Fool: Chapter 1Collapse )
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So, I learned to play with text effects in InkScape, so I made a Zentangle poem for last night's NaPoWriMo entry. Six more and I'm out. Think I can do a sestina in two hours and five minutes?

(BTW, I took down the fic I put up yesterday. I didn't like the structure, and since it was clearly not setting anyone else on fire either, I decided to just do a soup-to-nuts re-structuring. Some scenes and dialogue (a lot, actually) will stay, but I'm going to give it some more compelling framing device)

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