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The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
So, someone somewhere online (I know, specific, right, but I watched this two days ago; you can't expect me to retain ;p) was going on about how we as a society can't handle deep themes, opting for light teens, like Bella Swan and... Katniss.

I actually stopped and raised my hand to speak before remembering that I was watching a video. Then I forgot about it, but now I have time to kill.

I'm sure it will surprise no one that I don't agree with the analysis, but I want to get into some of my reasoning.
No, Hunger Games is not like TwilightCollapse )
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I started adding the challenges at AO3. I'm expanding them significantly as I fix them up.
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Okay, I filled the challenges up to ten (Oh, for the days of "Oh, my God, how am I going to get to all of these?!" :wistful for Teddy:) by picking interesting questions from the comments at AO3.

how is Miguel’s life in the Conservatory? He’s not just another student? PhantomD
Fitting InCollapse )

And you know what would have been amusing/disturbing? If Ernesto ever attended any of those traveling display things that Hector ended up in Bookwormgal

The BandidoCollapse )
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I'm adding a couple of questions people asked at AO3, since I didn't get ten requests here.
how about further exploration of Odiados for FFR
SpellsCollapse )

I still would love to see a dream conversation between Héctor and Enrique at some point for AtarahDerekh at AO3
PathsCollapse )
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Carlos and Tina and their baby and Denny. Or an outtake from their drive to Dia de los Muertes. for Karen
HacendadosCollapse )

How about the first performance of Frida and Hector's play, and the critical response to it? for princesselwen
GemelaCollapse )
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This was easily the most requested side story at AO3. But it didn't feel right to tell it in that time frame. So I figured I'd use it to go forward a few years.

It needs a better title. I'm open to suggestions.

StorytellingCollapse )
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Well, these turned out long...
Something from Rosa's perspective, please--maybe something with Rosa finding out about Mama Imelda's family for Eleanor W
Rancho La BellaCollapse )

something delving more into Enrique and Luisa's relationship? for queen_bellatrix
The Sexton's DaughterCollapse )
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So, I did want to at least more fully investigate the little romance with Bridget that Enrique and Luisa thought was so cute. I doubt it's anything that would be a forever thing, but I think it was more important to Miguel than Enrique guessed.

Making MonstersCollapse )
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Something about Hector's mother's afterlife :) for sonetka
Los PenitentesCollapse )

would love to see how Hector recovers from his brush with Final Death after Miguel is sent home and what prompts Imelda to take him back. for willowbough (Well, some of that is covered in the main story, so I’ll be more specific and just do the brush with Final Death)
FadingCollapse )
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Okay, story's done. Time for the traditional challenge call. My mind is only in this 'verse at the moment, though. First ten?
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Table of contentsCollapse )

The Road Home (Coco): Chapter Twenty-SixCollapse )
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Table of contentsCollapse )

The Road Home (Coco): Chapter Twenty-FiveCollapse )
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So, I'm currently watching A:IF with a reactor, and one thing struck me that's been bothering me in the Iron-Man arc. In short, it's Pepper.

It's not that I don't understand being worried about the superheroing, but her repeated demands that he stop doing it are... really irksome. Literally, the world is in danger, and he's one of Earth's strongest defenders, and she's kvetching about how he's still doing hero things. It bothered me in Iron-Man 3, too, so I'm not all that sympathetic to "Well, he promised her." It's not a thing that should have ever been asked. I can certainly see the sense in getting rid of all the somewhat unreliable suits and certainly the one that came after her in the middle of the night, but "How dare you try to save the world and miss dinner?" is just... off.

I guess it bothers me because it makes no sense, and it's so petty in terms of the stakes of these stories. It would have made more sense after IM3 if she'd started to understand after participating in the fight in the end, but she seems to have gone straight back to the same tune. Doesn't she even know this person whose love interest she's supposed to be? And also, you've got someone who's genuinely brave and willing to do what's right... that's so rare and special, it seems really strange to try and make him like everyone else. That's just really weird behavior.
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I added Pepita's presence and departure to the last chapter, since she makes her re-appearance here.

Table of contentsCollapse )

The Road Home (Coco): Chapter Twenty-FourCollapse )
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Table of contentsCollapse )

The Road Home (Coco): Chapter Twenty-ThreeCollapse )
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I'm home with a sore throat and bored, so I clicked around on articles about Henry Cavill leaving the Supes role, and...

Oh, DC. Just stop it. This is another thing: they think they can save the franchise with re-casting. Nope... Re-casting signals re-boot. You lose the audience you did have.

As to Michael P. Jordan in the role? Hmm. I don't know. He's such a good actor, I'd love to see them come up with a brand new superhero for him, and just for him.

In fact, why re-cast at all when you can just make a new hero if this Supes isn't working?
In which Fern, bored, comes up with superheroesCollapse )
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Okay, so I'm not always at midnight showings of favorite movies anymore. (It's expensive, and I have better things to do.) In fact, while I saw "Black Panther" in theaters, I... kind of waited for video for "Infinity War." My bad; it's an excellent movie, and actually made me go back and watch the Guardians movies (which I'm still a little meh on).

But it made me start watching some MCU vs DCEU videos, mostly dissecting what the heck went wrong in the DCEU, and why all of its frantic machinations have failed to win it the kind of radical loyalty that the MCU has.

This is my favoriteCollapse )

So, tossing in my two cents. Because everyone cares.

In a nutshell: It's the writing. Beyond the nutshell, it's a little bit of set design and direction, but it's still mostly the writing.

It wasn't inevitable. Like every other little 70s girl, I had Wonder Woman underoos and thought if I spun around fast enough, I'd turn into Lynda Carter in a star-spangled bathing suit. I like Christopher Reeve as a guileless Superman. There are major problems with DC if you want to get into it from a writing perspective (see some items below), but they're not insurmountable. But the DCEU has never reached the level of even mediocre MCU movies. Trying to avoid the same things the video mentions, here are...

5 Reasons I'm a Marvel girlCollapse )

And that's it. Now, I need to take my cat for her vaccination. Seeya. :D
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Table of contentsCollapse )

The Road Home (Coco): Chapter Twenty-TwoCollapse )
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Table of contentsCollapse )

The Road Home (Coco): Chapter Twenty-OneCollapse )
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So, I'm starting to work up to the dance party ending. :D

I decided to take a super-close look at the last scene to see if I can squeeze some of my OCs into an actual shot. (I am petty. I admit it.) I plan to stick Carlos and Calles and Tina in there regardless, but there are no likely candidates that we saw, so they're, you know, in the kitchen eating Elena's tamales or something.
Check them outCollapse )
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