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The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
Obviously, I'm looking forward to A4, but watching the other trailers, I'm less excited.
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This doesn't really go anywhere, but I wanted to look at Coco's actual arrival in the LotD.

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The Far-Reaching Power of Fluff

This week's Patreon entry is free.

Happy New Year!
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Well, I'd written enough about Teresa from the sidelines, I wanted to get into her head. And I found something kind of interesting there...
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I know I've hit this before a couple of times, but I keep running up against it. I do not seem to be in the current cultural milieu on the subject of "spoilers." I don't even like the word.
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So, I'm working on a story about Ernesto and Teresa, and I want to think of something he'd call her that's not outright profanity, but is so horrendously condescending that it's obvious she's barely a person (equivalent to "babycakes" or "sweet thing" or "sweetcheeks"... things men call women when they slap them on the backside without consent). In the '10s in Mexico. ;p Oddly, this turns out not to be an easy Google search, though I've found many lovely pages full of contemporary colorful insults.
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Well, that took a while, but I decided for my Patreon essay on character to dissect the church scene in Buffy: Beneath You. It ended up being 3200 words long.

I had it on the brain because After Show Reacts just got to that scene, and I forgot how cool it was until seeing it again.
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So, watching reactions, I happened to notice several people saying, when Miguel actually tells his family about the music competition, "Duh! You don't tell them!" And it occurred to me: I think that was my tip-off that, silly music ban aside, this must be a warm, loving, and (other than music) supportive family, because Miguel--despite knowing about the ban--tells them about the contest. And later, when Elena is throwing out his stash, he is still convinced that, if he plays, his father will support him... even after being yelled at. It's not until Elena actually smashes the guitar that he goes off the rails.

So, despite the fact that it's all based on a family argument, I had the impression from the beginning of the movie that he'd been raised with a lot of love and generosity. It's just that with the music, he hit on the single, uncrossable line.

(And why was that line uncrossable? My assumption is that--contra Miguel--the rest of the family isn't "okay with that." You don't have to spend that much energy banning what people aren't in any hurry to do. You spend that kind of energy to protect your family from what seems like a clear and present danger.)
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All right. Started my Cormoran Strike re-read at Patreon. Much ado about names in The Cuckoo's Calling. And got my chapter of How To Save the (After)World up. Yay, me. I still have time to go get my flu shot and do some cleaning, too! (Ah, weekends. And yes, my weekend is Sunday-Monday, which is when I told my boss I'd be doing my moonlighting over Patreon-way.)

Still thinking about doing another Coco story. Maybe an adult Miguel returning to the Land of the Dead for some reason (the rather nasty idea I have is that his younger brother is in a coma and he and his sister Coco go to try and bring him back). Or maybe something in the cursed years? Maybe someone almost finds out the truth about de la Cruz? I don't know. I enjoy the world a lot.
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What books should I re-read/analyze?
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You know, when I use a name off the family tree to fill in for an OCs name, it's one thing. It makes sense. When a line opens up that I never suspected that uses an OCs name from a fanfic? Well... that's kinda weird.

Meet my fourth great grandfather.
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I wrote a long essay for the other thing, but it doesn't fit in my categories there, so I made it a freebie teaser. It's my if-only post on how the new Star Wars could have worked.

I think what I'm mostly going to do is leave original fiction and essays at the Patreon, and keep my blog here for fanfic. I'm thinking about an older Miguel story.
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First video essay at Patreon is on the books, though I obviously need a lot more practice. And possibly some cartooning lessons, though I'm ridiculously pleased at the utterly silly look of these. :D I do have a couple of weird lags in there, and I'm not sure how they got there.


I will eventually stop pimping the Patreon, but I'm really trying to get it going.
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I bought the Strike tv show on YouTube and I've watched it. I like the cast, but boy, did they cut corners, both in time and in budget.

The most noticeable one was when they were going to a supposedly upscale boutique in "Cuckoo's Calling," where Robin tried on a dress that was insanely expensive. It's described as acid green and fitting her like a lizard skin, its stitching somehow magically enhancing her curves, turning her into a real knockout. It could have been imagined in a dozen ways. They could have sprung for a good designer costume, or raided JKR's closet, for that matter.

No, they gave us this:Robin pictureCollapse )
An okay little prom dress thing. Not actively offensive, but it looks more like a good thrift-store buy than high end fashion. SUPER obvious budget-cutting.

Another prime example is the car accident that Robin steers them out of on a drive to Devon. In the book, it's a huge deal, with icy roads and a multi-car pile-up, and a barely missed truck that might have killed them. In the series? There's a car blocking the road, and Robin drives through a field to get around it. The reason it's funny is that Strike keeps his original reaction--he's so deeply impressed with her driving skill that it permanently overcomes his fear of being driven by her. She's taken a detour, and he treats it like she still saved their lives on an icy road, evading certain death.

I know, the big one would have been all but impossible to film on a standard TV budget, but it's still funny.
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Sorry, I'll get back to LJ stuff, too. Probably not as much. A lot of people seem to have left LJ over the years.

This is my plan for essays on the $2/mo tier. I know no one voted in the poll for Elements of Fiction reviews, but... I like writing them.

The first chapter of the novel is up for the $5/mo tier. Here's a teaser from the beginning (first 800 words or so):
Chapter One: Never Cross the River Without a GiftCollapse )
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So, the book I'm going to attempt to write on Patreon is called How to Save the (After)World: A Young Medium’s Guide to Interdimensional Diplomacy. It's using some of the thoughts I've been developing in the Teddy fics and the Coco fics (even, to some extent, the HG fics, I guess; Haymitch is pretty haunted). The main character is Nirvana Gaines, a sixteen-year-old medium who spends a lot of time going over the divide to do things like clarify wills and interview murder victims for the police. The world is one where psychic abilities are pretty common, and being able to cross the boundary isn't terribly rare, but Nirvana is the only medium in her small town, and she finds herself drawn into an adventure with a dead boy trying to escape.
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Yes, I've done it. I got leave, and I just managed to get it done.


I'm hoping to do an essay every Monday for the two dollar a month tier, and my idea as of right now is (shared on the $5/mo) tier to do NaNo there. Which means I better do some brainstorming tonight, eh? ;p
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So, someone somewhere online (I know, specific, right, but I watched this two days ago; you can't expect me to retain ;p) was going on about how we as a society can't handle deep themes, opting for light teens, like Bella Swan and... Katniss.

I actually stopped and raised my hand to speak before remembering that I was watching a video. Then I forgot about it, but now I have time to kill.

I'm sure it will surprise no one that I don't agree with the analysis, but I want to get into some of my reasoning.
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I started adding the challenges at AO3. I'm expanding them significantly as I fix them up.
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Okay, I filled the challenges up to ten (Oh, for the days of "Oh, my God, how am I going to get to all of these?!" :wistful for Teddy:) by picking interesting questions from the comments at AO3.

how is Miguel’s life in the Conservatory? He’s not just another student? PhantomD
Fitting InCollapse )

And you know what would have been amusing/disturbing? If Ernesto ever attended any of those traveling display things that Hector ended up in Bookwormgal

The BandidoCollapse )
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