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Dia challenge 4

Harris, Mags, Finnick and the other Four victors in the afterlife, discussing the changes in Four, etc. for Anon 1

Okay. They're Catholic, so I sent them to Purgatory. Apologies for the delay, I was slightly distracted this week...

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Dia challenge 1

Scrimgeour's take from beyond the veil on anything Needle's Eye related and his niece being in the thick of it because Ruth is honestly the best traits of that line with the edges sanded off. for [Bad username: queen_bellatrix]
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Lord of the Flies on Patreon

Just a snippet from my Flies essay.
I think a lot of commentary on the book focuses on this depressing aspect—humans can enter paradise and make it hell for no good reason at all—but there’s another, less-commented on aspect, and it’s the latter that interests me.

It’s simple: It is not a story about Jack Merridew.

Sure, Jack’s a force of (human) nature, and his actions drive the story, but the story is, in the end, about the bewildered, good-natured Ralph, who starts out not terribly different from Jack, but instead of allowing himself to be led into wildness, he adopts the mystical, wise Simon and the stubbornly rational Piggy as his advisors. He watches helplessly as the boys’ society falls apart around him, and he is partially corrupted, but at a crucial moment, he understands this.

That is the central message of the book, the bit of hope that lies in it. While Piggy is a sympathetic character, he is, in the end, blind (symbolized by his need for glasses, which should come off as trite, but somehow doesn’t). But the two characters who truly escape the utter degradation are Simon, who is never tempted, and Ralph, who repents. What they have in common is a willingness to see what’s real.
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Trying to start the year right

So, I exercised. I cleaned the cat box. I'm going to try and go to bed on time. And I've challenged myself to a drabble-fest at Patreon (fiction tier, if you're interested in playing the home game). 100 words a day. I managed NaPo last April. I think I can do this better than NaNo, where I was supposed to be doing a coherent novel. I just used a generator to list 31 random words, which I will attempt to drabble about.

Also, I will get back to "Call Me A Fool." I just feel like I took a wrong turn. (And that no one really cares that I took a wrong turn, making me pull a little melodramatic sigh of anguish. ;p)