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The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
A bit left-field, but Miguel or Ximena as a judge on "The Voice Mexico" or "Mexico's got talent" finding the next young star. for maraudercat

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Mmm, give me something Calles centric, please? Will leave what/with whom up to you. ;) for queen_bellatrix

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Something from Imelda's parents' point of view! for sonetka
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Ack, almost made it through DdM without doing any Coco writing.

So... challenges in my Coco-verse. First ten, if there are that many.
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So, I'm going in. On Patreon, my next "If I Were Queen..." is going to be a series of essays on how I'd fix the, to put it mildly, problematic fourth season of Angel.

Should I limit myself by killing off any character who was actually killed off, or should I throw off that shackle and rescue a few?

Things I know need addressing:
1. Actual pregnant actress means some kind of pregnancy plot, but I adamantly refuse to do it the way the show did.
2. Melodrama needs to be taken down about 500 decibels
3. The mishandling of Connor was EPIC
4. But I really like the Faith episodes, so Angelus needs to come back so we can get to those
5. And season 5 needs to be properly set up.

What else? (I mean, if anyone's a Buffyverse fan.)
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Call Me A Fool: Chapter 16Collapse )
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I review the latest Trials of Apollo book.

I am not amused.
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Linked to this fun article (TVTropes link, but to an actual .edu website)

"People who flip to the last page of a book before starting it have the better intuition. Spoilers don’t spoil stories. Contrary to popular wisdom, they actually seem to enhance enjoyment."

I am proven right BY SCIENCE. ;p
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Chapter 15: Interlude 2: The Land of the LivingCollapse )
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Call Me A Fool: Chapter 14Collapse )
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So, I keep trying out grown-up books. I am not noticeably more impressed at their quality.

I enjoy mysteries, which doesn't surprise me. I was in a Nancy Drew book club as a kid, lived for Magnum and binge Law and Order whenever I can. I genuinely enjoy the Strike mysteries, but a lot of what I read in the genre is just popcorn... forgotten two seconds after I finish it. Nothing wrong with it, per se, just nothing really bubbling up as something I just HAVE to follow.
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So, I've known Carlos's back story for a while, but, like the history of Miguel's guitar making, I don't think there's going to be a place for it in the main story, so... random short story interlude! This is when Luisa and Enrique interview him for the position of tutor.
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Call Me A Fool: Chapter 13Collapse )
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And now it gets weird...

Call Me A Fool: Chapter 12Collapse )
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Summer reading is over, so hopefully, I can put more energy into this.

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Sorry for the delay. I finally realized where I had to go with Imelda, and I guess it should have been obvious, but... it's summer reading season and I am highly distracted. ;p
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Okay, so the Stranger Things posts are possibly not the best attention getters, but you know... I've been waiting two years. I'll give myself a week to obsess. :D

Oh, no. Hopper isn't perfect. Guess I'll have to boycott now.Collapse )
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So, how'd I do on my pre-season guesses?
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First impression before looking at anyone else's:

Not quite as compelling, the plot was a little silly, but I can't help it. I love these guys.
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I haven't done one of these for a while. Ask the Coco characters (including my OCs) anything you want, and I'll answer.
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