FernWithy (fernwithy) wrote,

A rare indecisive moment...

Okay, if anyone's been checking in, you'll notice that this is about my tenth color scheme in 24 hours. :)

I've been trying to work with themes, and I've come up with four, but I can't decide.

This theme is from the ladyelaine's synaesthetic description:

This one is from a favorite foresty picture of mine, that I sort of thought felt "Fern"-ish.

This is colors from Julie's cover for By the Grace of Lady Vader:

And, being me, I can't have Lady Vader without having Lord Vader's colors represented also:

(I see that the title didn't save well as an image, but it's just the red; it's not blurry when it's actually there.)

So... which do you think?

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