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Challenge index, Pt. 1 - The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
Challenge index, Pt. 1
Okay, I'm about halfway through, making the transition into the two crossover requests. Here are the 49 done so far.

  1. Hermione as Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement is pretty badass, but this is also the girl who managed to get the trio out of Xenophilius Lovegood's home by blowing up the floor and Disapparating in midair. Something with the kids discovering Action!Aunt Hermione would be wonderful. for Anon (Night Gardening)
  2. something in the home life of mr. and mrs. Ron-hermione weasley? mother's day or something? for Anon (Getting It Right)
  3. I'd love to see your take on how Draco and Astoria got together. Or one of their earlier meetings as children. for Anon (Isolation)
  4. Could I request an older Harry with his extended family - kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, Teddy's family etc. I love your family ficlets most, you write them so well and so in character and it's lovely to see Harry so happy and contented surrounded by the people he loves most. for Anon(A Happy Birthday)
  5. something with Harry and Molly pretty immediately post DH - do they talk about Bellatrix, Ginny, R&H, the dinner menu?? all of the above? for Anon (Where To Start)
  6. How about something with Luna and Draco? Personally, I like to think they're cousins or something (since their families seem to have similar appearances) and no one knows about it because Luna never thought to mention it and Draco would rather die than admit it, but if that doesn't work for you, then just something with the two of them interacting, any time period. for Anon (Rare Birds)
  7. in those nineteen years some crazy witch tries to kidnap Harry because she is has a bad concept of hero worshipping. drabble on the aftermath of it, the rescue, what the crazy witch tried to do, etc. i know it's nuts but I couldn't think what else. it's different? for Caroline (Counter-spells)
  8. can I ask you for another wonderful luna-harry friendship one? maybe helping Luna and her dad rebuild their house? for frida-storney (Evidence of Lack)
  9. post hogwarts luna? i always wondered if after the war luna changed at all from pre-war luna. for hortentia bubble (Quaoar Ascendant)
  10. Harry and Neville interacting? i always had the impression they kind of admired each other, specially after the war. so kind of them meeting up and having a talk on how things changed for both of them through the years, and at the same time thanking the other for having faith? (neville probably was very greatful to harry, ron, hermione for giving him a chance to prove himself- through the DA) and Harry was probably real greatful to neville not giving up on him during the horcrux year, and protecting hogwarts and the others while he wasn't there. for Jeanne (Heroes)
  11. years into their relationship, Ron and Hermione are having an argument. how have they matured since they got together, and if hermione would resort to the fandom-assumed-cliche of pulling the "You left me/Us once i'm sure you would do it again" and how they resolve their argument as reflection of their maturity as people and as couple for MLongbottom52 (Decisions)
  12. Something, maybe at Uni, where [Dudley] encounters a witch/wizard who's also attending? for Sara Libby (Foreign)
  13. Harry and Ginny discussing career choices. Maybe early on. Like when she's choosing quidditch. I'd love to understand Harry's rationale for becoming an Auror when he loved teaching so much. And Heck, he loved Quidditch too! for sidealong (Happiness is...)
  14. I remember in one of your ficlets, a conversation between Andromeda and Dora, you had Andromeda reminisce about how she'd once thought of killing Bella--at her wedding, I think--but not being able to go through with it once the marauders got her inside. I'd like an AU ficlet that shows the eventual effects of that attempt if it had succeeded. How far after the poisoning you set it is up to you. for Anon (Agreeable)
  15. What about a little 'what if' scenario? What if a character had been born into a different generation than the one they were (e.g. Luna in Marauder-era, Minerva in Harry's time, etc.)? Your choice on which character and generation that would be. for Anon (Proteus)
  16. I was rereading a ficlet you wrote for a challenge a few years ago -- 2008 maybe? -- an AU where Peter was captured in 1994, and gave information about Voldemort to the aurors. I'd like to see something about how that information was dealt with, by the ministry and the order. How much was there? Did Peter know enough about the horcruxs to give them all the information we know, or did they have to find out in some other way? I know that's vague, but anything about this "lower-key" Voldemort hunt would be lovely. (It would be even lovelier if it were somehow set ten or fifteen years after the capture, so we could get a peak at wee Teddy, Julia, and possibly other children of professor and head-auror Lupin.) for Anon (Wormtail)
  17. i hope you still do AU's, cause I'm asking you for one. with as much of the canon plot in as possible, an AU where Sirius, Lupin and Tonks are alive and interacting with harry and the next gen. (maybe sirius making up for the limited godfather role he had on harry- by being godfather to one or more of his kids?) bonus, if you can include an interaction between sirius and kreacher. hoping for something happy, of course. for GullySam (The Whole Family)
  18. where the roles are reversed- Harry is normal with whatever kind of family he can get not being the Chosen one, and Neville get's picked as the Chosen one with the scar on his forehead. like, and how does that change all their relationships, if it does change them? like harry still friends with ron and hermione, does ginny still picks harry,etc for nevrafire (Chosen)
  19. Oh! I think I mentioned this at one point, but how about an alternate universe where Alderman didn't get bitten? I'd like to see a scene from his time at Hogwarts. Something with him and Ginny and/or Luna (or any of the other main kids). Maybe during Lupin's time teaching, or during the DA, or something else. How would he have fit in if he'd gone to school like he should have? for reannanshaw (Don't Think About A Werewolf In The Corner)
  20. Something Christmas-y? it's almost the season afterall. with the trio, their kids, teddy and the teachers and the portraits? i'm in the mood for some Big reunion fluff fest. for ~*Melissa (Retirement)
  21. Well, as I live abroad, I will be spending the holidays far, far away from family and friends. I would love to read about one of my favorite characters doing the same! You choose the character and the situation, but I will say, I do love the Marauders ;) for Anon (Alone)
  22. more Alderman! with the potter kids and/or Harry helping set up christmas stuff and talking for Isa (Evergreen)
  23. just the trio enjoying some Christmas cheer. for Anon (The Star)
  24. i still read the fleur and gabrielle fic you wrote, it was so sweet! this time, Bill proposing marriage to Fleur, or viceversa. ;p for _^_fettucinilu (Almost Pedestrian)
  25. please, please More Ginny/Neville friendship? Hogwarts years, maybe 5th or 6th year? for 8firetoad (Opening Doors)
  26. Draco interacting and thinking about Neville during their last year at Hogwarts. Draco has had to have realized that Neville has changed very much and has grown formidable. for Anon (Sunrise at Greenhouse Two)
  27. Could you do a DH missing moment - Ron bringing Hermione back to Shell Cottage after they escaped from Malfoy Manor. Other's have done it, but I'd love to read your take on it :-) for Anon (Endgame)
  28. In DH, when Ron comes back, he tells the other's that Remus and Tonks are back together. I've always thought that Remus and Ron must have seen one another while Ron was hiding out at Bill and Fleur's - and they had some kind of discussion about running out on people you love, and forgiveness, and Harry's irrational temper. Could you give us your take on that interaction? for Anon (Repent! Repent!)
  29. Some Remus during POA? for Anon (Hope and Expectations)
  30. A couple of things I would have liked to see during Deathly Hallows would have been Lupin and Tonk's Christmas that year, and the birth of Teddy. for Anon (What We Really Need)
  31. Something from Dora's Auror Training, please! for Anon (Attention)
  32. Something with the Weasleys learning that they had an Animagus Death Eater living in their house for 12 years. Specifically the impact on Molly, Arthur, Ron, or Percy, but I'll take any (or all) Weasleys! Whatever inspires you. for Anon (Confundus)
  33. Possibly some lighthearted fun set during PoA year involving Lupin, Snape, and the Weasley twins? Maybe they try to punk the new teacher and Snape unwittingly or reluctantly gets involved? for Anon (Staff Room)
  34. can we see some of the DA left at Hogwarts during DH? what was happening in Gryffindor Tower while H/R/&H were on the run? for Anon (Missons)
  35. Can I have another Deathly Hollows missing moment? Specifically, the Order of the Phoenix Meeting where they plan the 7 Potters strategy... how did Ginny take her subordinate role? I've always thought it wasn't really her style. for Anon (Planning)
  36. Ron and Hermione kiss (or almost kiss) at some point before THE kiss in DH. for Anon (Triangle)
  37. one of the things Neville and the others pull to take charge of hogwarts with the carrows there. can and do please mention hagrid helping. for Delilah Tonks (Code)
  38. something with Tonks, moody and one of your Ocs. for dotatonks (Lunch at the Leaky)
  39. Remus' POV of the train ride in the beginning of POA. for (Faking)
  40. something with Dean and Ginny, before their boyfriend-girlfriend thing went sour. for Sally (Arti Meraviglioso)
  41. whatever happened when Ron was caught by the snatchers in DH. for hp_gal (Getting Back)
  42. maybe during DH? the whole smuggling muggleborns? for SophieMinerva (A Son's Duty)
  43. after Ron is poisoned and like before they are allowed in to see him, Ginny and hermione talk about what if Ron dies and how they been treating him so lousy, and Ginny admits to hermione she totally let it slip to Ron that Hermione kissed Krum and that's why Ron got with Lavender. and how hermione reactss. for Christine Brigg (Assumptions)
  44. im going to come off as repetitive, but if someone else can ask about james jr all the time.... I want more Romilda. still harry sixth year, still her plotting to snare him, but Mclaggen gets involved and there a bit of a thing between them, like cormac flirting with her. also harry manages to pull a prank on romilda and his other fangirls, by himself or with help. for Betthany Anne (Extra Credit)
  45. could you write about what was Molly weasley's thoughts as she read the skeeter article about harry and Hermione? I mean it seems like the thing for her to do, since she is close minded a lot of times, but hermione has been going to their house most summers or exchanging letters with ron, so i can't figure out why molly would think hermione was after harry for natalie (Playing False)
  46. something with harry-hermione friendship? like maybe ron goes missing again or something? or, if it's easier, make it deathly hallows time, and like shortly after Ron leaves before they go all infamous "not talking each other for weeks and not mentioning Ron at all" they try to reasure each other there is a chance of Ron coming back? either which makes harry more of a "i love her like a sister" type of attitude. for harriet-weasley-longbottom (Better)
  47. THE kiss from Hermione's PoV for Em*Weasley
    (The Moment)
  48. while on the run sirius helps a muggle child who is young enough to not recognize him from the wanted posters. for mercury'ravenclaw
    (The Ravine)
  49. dont know if this makes sense but' can i ask for a PoV one? Sirius a moment during Strays where he can envision making it work doing little things undercover (or whatever he imagined to be doing when he decided to come back to england for harry) and then Sirius, thinking of what his changed priorities as he reflects on almost'killed harry in the graveyard and voldemort return, on what he is role he is going to play for harry now. its not too hard? for maraudersChickFan


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