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HG: Golden Mean, Chapter Twenty-Six - The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
HG: Golden Mean, Chapter Twenty-Six
Oops, canon goof. Gotta get Plutarch on the rescue ship! (Grr, trouble with "live" writing.)

This part turned out long, because, well, Katniss is unconscious for much of it, but Haymitch kind of isn't.

Chapter Twenty-Six
"We have to get there! We have to get him out of there!"

"We're headed for the rendezvous point, and of course the rescue craft is going to try to get Peeta out," Plutarch says. "They can't do anything while the forcefield is still up."

"If there's enough power to break it from inside, then someone should have enough power to break it from outside," Jack says.

"Their power is engaged in the firefight that's currently going on," Fulvia says. "Even the supply ship is armed."

"Then we should go and help them," I say.

On screen, Katniss has reached Beetee. Peeta's inchoate scream has changed to a gasping, horrible cry for Katniss. She yells back, obviously trying to draw attention away from him.

"We can't go there," Fulvia says. "There's too much risk. Plutarch is needed in the administration of the war."

Jack stands up, his tie held loosely in one hand. "Lady," he says, "if I were you, I'd think about exactly what the risks are. Me and Haymitch just got through about a million Peacekeepers, using a tie and a piece of broken plastic. And flying was my talent. You might want to ask yourself if you're really more scared of a few Capitol guns."

"There's no need for threats," Plutarch says calmly, steering the hovercraft around a mountain. "Fulvia, we are at war. We should expect to take some risks with our personal safety. The craft is armed, and perhaps we can rendezvous with the rescue ship early."

Fulvia looks at us like she might murder us with her mind, and goes back to the co-pilot's seat.

I turn back to the screen. I don't know what Beetee did to himself -- it must have happened while we were escaping -- but he is bleeding from his arm, so I'd guess his tracker is gone. If he were to move out of range of the last camera to track him, they might not be able to find him again... but he's beyond moving right now. He is breathing shallowly. Katniss is staring at his knife, which is wrapped in wire and attached to the lightning tree.

"Oh, my God," Jack says. "He was trying to run the wire through the forcefield. Short it out when the lightning comes."

I shake my head. "The knife wouldn't make it. It would ground him. He's..." I see everything. "An arrow would do it. He did it to give Katniss a clue. But she has no idea."

Finnick is battling furiously with Enobaria, headed toward midnight. He isn’t going for lethal blows. "Just hold out," he tells her. "Hold out, and--"

She swings a spear around, crossing it with his trident, and yells murderously.

Beside Beetee, Katniss raises her bow, but doesn't put wire onto an arrow or aim at the forcefield.

Peeta stumbles out onto the beach, still calling miserably for Katniss. He looks around, disoriented, and tries to find his way to the right spot.

Johanna slashes her own arm, pulls out her tracker, and makes an obscene gesture at the sky. She runs out of frame. The cameras try to follow her physically, but she loses herself in the shadows, running through the nine o'clock wedge.

Katniss has leveled her bow at Enobaria. She has a clean shot, but she stops, frowning.

"Come on, sweetheart," I whisper, though there's no point. I can't even send her a gift with a hint. "Remember who the enemy is."

She whispers one word: "Enemy."

"There it is!" Fulvia shouts, and through the front window of the hovercraft, I can see the arena, a faintly glowing pink thing, with hovercrafts skirmishing above it. It stands in the middle of the vast, flat desert to the southwest of the Capitol.

Her eyes are wild, but she lowers her bow, then grabs Beetee's knife. With quick loops, she secures the wire to an arrow and stands, in full view of Enobaria.

Enobaria raises her spear. Finnick picks her up and throws her down the hill.

Katniss fires the arrow.

Lightning strikes, running down the wire beside her, sending her flying to the ground beside Beetee. The dome of the arena turns to fire. in front of us, then disappears.

"We're clear," Plutarch says, his voice finally betraying some kind of tension as he flies into the combat zone. Fulvia grips the arms of her chair as if it will save her. A large hovercraft comes out of its protective shielding. He presses a button, and a moment later, a gaping hangar opens at the base of the craft. He steers in calmly, and, without so much as a fare thee well, heads out.

There are still cameras running, though I can't imagine this is being broadcast anywhere but the Head Gamemaker's personal channel. I can see the craft I am now on as it lowers a claw toward Katniss.

Katniss is scooped up into it. It comes down again, and Finnick arranges Beetee in it carefully, to avoid his wounds, then rides up on top of it.

We are suddenly jerked, and I see that Jack has grabbed the controls. Fulvia punches at his arm, but he doesn't pay attention to her. "Johanna Mason and Peeta Mellark are still down there, and they're not together," he says, his jaw clenched. He flies us out of the hangar.

We pull away from the rescue craft and watch as it swoops toward the beach where Peeta has been knocked to the ground and is staring up, uncomprehending.

A Capitol craft flies in low firing upward at the rescue flight, forcing it backward.

"No!" I cry.

But it's too late, and we're not close enough, though Fulvia takes a wild shot. A Peacekeeper descends from the craft and grabs Peeta, none too gently, pulling him up and out of our hands.

"Peeta! Jack, we have to stop that ship!"

"He's not dead," Jack says. "Where's Johanna?"

He brings our craft lower, skimming over the jungle, then Fulvia suddenly shouts, "They turned off the clock!"

The wave at ten o'clock crests over the edge of the arena, and the dragon rises at six. A swarm of tracker jackers emerges from the trees. Monkeys burst out onto the beach. The wave just misses us... and Johanna.

She runs out of the jungle, cursing and screaming.

Jack hands the controls off to Fulvia, then opens the hatch and starts lowering the ladder. "Jo! Johanna Mason!"

She looks up.

A Capitol craft skims in along the water, firing at her and at us, forcing us up. She runs for the trees. She's in the eleven o'clock wedge, and huge beetles chase after her. Jack turns and climbs down the ladder, holding on to the bottom rung. "Johanna!"

She climbs a tree, trying to reach us, and manages to almost snag Jack's hand when the bugs swarm up the trunk, bending it away. She makes a mad jump for another tree as it crashes.

The Capitol ship barrels over the trees and someone grabs her. I can hear her screaming obscenities even over the mad din of the battle.

The ship fires on us. We take a hit and the hovercraft shudders. It's not bad.


I look down. Jack has been shaken loose from his grip on the ladder. He didn't use the stabilizers because he wanted to reach Johanna. I reach for the controls that will hold him in place, but the Capitol craft comes back for another pass, knocking us off course.

Jack screams once, then falls from the bottom of the ladder. He lands in the trees. I see the bugs engulf him before I can even turn away.

"The rescue ship!" Fulvia yells.

We bank sharply, and I'm thrown toward the front of the craft. Fulvia dives in on a Capitol bomber headed for the rescue ship, blowing out its engines with a will placed shot. It dives into the forest beside the lightning tree.

I see Enobaria by the light of the flames. She is the last person I want to rescue, after what happened at the Cornucopia, but she is one of us -- a victor, not a rebel -- and I don't want to leave anyone else to Snow's tender mercies if I can help it. I switch on our rescue lights (thankfully, they are marked clearly). I take Fulvia's bullhorn and call down, "The ladder is down, Enobaria. Climb up. We'll take you to safety."

"She still has her tracker in!" Fulvia says frantically. "We can't take her up!"

"We'll cut the damned thing out and throw it away," I say.

Enobaria stares up at us, then runs away into the jungle.

I see another light, and a hook comes down from the corpse ship to carry her away. I wonder if they've ever brought up a live tribute before.

A light flashes on the control panel, and a voice comes over the intercom. "All tributes now accounted for. Retreat immediately. Regroup at rendezvous."

I want to drop into the arena, get captured, and try to get Peeta and Johanna out. This seems like a perfectly reasonable plan. If they kill me, I'm all right with it.

Unfortunately, Fulvia closes the hatch and brings up the ladder, and within a minute, the arena, the Capitol, and my kids are out of reach.

The screen flickers and we lose the broadcast.

We fly west. The hardpan desert gives way to mountains, which the hovercraft barely clears. Beyond it, I see a vast ocean. We are far in the out-district lands now. Over the intercom, Plutarch cheerfully informs us that we are flying over a country that was once called California. "Quite populous before the earthquakes," he says. "Some people think they were toying with seismic weaponry."

I don't care in the least. Fulvia nods encouragingly, and Plutarch continues with his history lesson about the empty lands and ocean we are flying over. As the sun is rising, we finally reach a tiny, dry island dominated by a huge volcano. I think of my arena and wonder if it's set to destroy the crafts that have landed there, but don't say anything. Then I think of Chaff. And Peeta. And Johanna. And Jack. And Philo. Even Enobaria. I barely understand what Plutarch is saying.

We land on a wide expanse of rock next to the rescue ship, which is dwarfed by the huge medical ship beside it. Plutarch comes out of the latter to greet us and take us inside.

"This place was hardly populated at all even before the catastrophes," he says. "One eruption wiped it out. It's not even on the Capitol's maps, but our friend Commander Boggs is quite the geography student. It will be perfect for solar re-charging while we re-group."

"Katniss and Beetee were hurt," I say.

"What? Oh, yes, they're in medical care. I thought we'd lost Katniss at first, but her vitals are reasonably strong. We did restrain her, since she is in a fragile state."

"And Beetee?"

"Has very serious nerve damage, I'm afraid, but when he has achieved consciousness, he seems lucid and glad to have escaped."


"Functioning. But Haymitch, there's something else you need to know." We've reached the medical ship, and he leads me to a small white room with a large television screen. "This aired live on all televisions in Panem fifteen minutes after Katniss destroyed the forcefield. I'm sorry."

He sits me down and presses a button. The screen comes to life.

At first, it shows a familiar angle, a Games angle. The square in District Twelve. Not many people are out, having chosen not to watch the Games in the shadow of the gallows, I guess. Ed Mellark is in the stocks. Dannel is sitting with him. They are looking up at the screen, horrified. They have no microphones, but I'm guessing they saw what Peeta did. I can see a few other people around. There is a camera on Mirrem Mellark, standing at the edge of the square with Jonadab, Sarey, and the baby. Another camera shows Murphy's pub, where more people have gathered for mandatory viewing. A third shows the Seam, but people are watching inside their houses for the most part. I see a couple of boys playing soldier. Coverage goes back to the square.

The giant screen goes dead. The lights go out.

The view changes to a view from above -- not far above. Close enough that I can see the people looking up in terror.

President Snow's voice comes over the broadcast as the first firebomb falls, turning the square into an inferno, destroying Peeta Mellark's family in seconds.

"Katniss Everdeen's act of treason is considered the treason of District Twelve. No nation can survive a betrayal from within. District Twelve will pay the price for the actions of Katniss Everdeen and her mentor, Haymitch Abernathy."

Another bomb falls. And another. Another. I see people trying to run. The shops in town are gone in minutes. The stone Justice Building only takes a little longer. I see a woman run out on fire, and I can't tell who she is. The giant screen is a sheet of flames until it collapses onto the cobblestones, re-lighting a body I can't even stand to think about.

The pub goes up. Dozens of people try to flee, their hair and clothes sheets of flames around them.

"This is the price of treason," Snow says. "This is the truth of our Girl on Fire."

A body falls in slow motion, burning like a candle.

They don't need to waste a bomb on the Seam. The houses are dry wood, embedded with centuries of coal dust, and they ignite from the heat of the fire in town. People are running everywhere. I see a crowd attacking the fence. Another bomb falls on the school. The train station.

The craft goes to the mines and drops a heavy, pointed bomb. A bunker blaster.

It's followed by another firebomb, and the District Twelve mines, the seam of coal that runs halfway to District Eleven, is set to the torch, along with anyone who was trapped inside them.

The broadcast ends.

I look at Plutarch. "It's gone?"



"We haven't heard from any, though a District Thirteen flyover showed that the Victors' Village was left intact, so perhaps Ruth and Primrose Everdeen were able to escape." He pauses. "I am sorry, Haymitch. I never imagined this."

"I did," I say. "I told my... my... I told Hazelle to see if she could find escape routes. I knew they'd take it out on us, but it was too late to stop. We sold my district." I stare at the blank screen. My mind is just as blank. We sold District Twelve. And my kids. And I don't even know how many victors died at the viewing center.

"Haymitch, you can't take Snow's blame seriously. He's the one who decided to do it. It's his fault, not yours. If he'd been a decent leader, none of this would have happened."

I know he's right. I know what Snow has done. But I can't stand hearing Plutarch's voice anymore. I want Effie. Or Hazelle. Or Peeta. I particularly want Peeta to say exactly what Plutarch just said. I'd believe Peeta saying it.

But Peeta is in the Capitol. If he's still alive at all.

I can't find my voice for a long time. When I do, all I say is, "Get me to Katniss."

"She's not conscious."

"I don't care. Take me to wherever she is."

I'm led through huge hangars and narrow halls, past rooms full of screens that look like the viewing center. Plutarch takes me to the top level of the ship, and there, I find a long hospital ward. In one bed, Beetee is attached to more tubes than I can see at a glance. He looks like he's actually turned into one of his own strange inventions.

Across from him, Katniss is lying still, her hands secured with restraints. There is an empty chair beside her. I sit down in it, and don't even acknowledge Plutarch when he leaves.

She is covered with scratches, but someone has cleaned her and carefully re-braided her damaged hair. There is make-up in a box on the table beside the bed, but thankfully, no one has applied it. Yet. They'll want their mockingjay as soon as they can get her.

I take her hand. She doesn't respond. "I'm sorry," I say.

She doesn't answer, of course.

"I had to do it," I say. "I had to. The way things were. I should have told you, but we couldn't risk it. I didn't risk it." There's still no answer. I imagine that she is awake and ignoring me.

I don't know what I expected, what I meant to say. She just continues to breathe quietly. I stay, not knowing what I'm supposed to do or when I'm allowed to go. I think about Seeder and Chaff, waiting by my bed after my Games. When I opened my eyes, Seeder said, Welcome back, honey.

I don't think Katniss will be as glad to see me as I was to see them. Not with Peeta in the Capitol, and District Twelve burned to the ground, and her mother and sister missing, and Gale probably dead.

Still, I stay. I stay through the morning, and into the afternoon, as I feel the craft take off. I stay through supper, which is brought to me by an unsmiling young woman dressed in gray. I stay until the lights turn to a night-time setting and an announcement goes out that we are to be in our assigned berths. Even then, I stay until Finnick comes in. He may be "functional," as Plutarch says, but he looks like he's been beaten up pretty badly. He checks on Beetee, then looks at Katniss for a long time and says, "We're rooming together, Haymitch. Come on. You have to be where your schedule says."


"I haven't got mine yet, either, but right now everyone's supposed to be in bed unless they're on night shift. District Thirteen may take some getting used to."

"Is there someplace I can get a drink?" I ask. I am disgusted with myself for asking, but I don't think I can actually make myself leave Katniss's bedside, let alone go sleep somewhere, if I can't numb all of this somehow.

"It's illegal in Thirteen," Finnick says. "I asked. I figured you'd need a drink. You're going to have to sober up."

I let him lead me out. Our assigned cabin is a metal box with two cots in it. He doesn't talk the whole way to it. "The Peacekeepers took Annie in Four," he says quietly when we get in. "They showed it. Said she was being taken in for her own protection."

"Finnick, I..."

"Winnow Robinson got in touch with me. She and Bobby Neill are leading the fleet right now. They're trying to cut off the Capitol's access to the sea. I doubt it will make a difference. Everything they need is on the continent. She said they tried to get to Annie, but everything happened too fast."

"I'm sorry, Finnick."

"We had everything so well planned. We were so clever. Secret messages. Bread codes. And we got tripped up by a malfunctioning shield and a worker on a coffee break. And a couple of teenagers we never should have lied to."

"What do you mean?"

"If we'd told them... if she hadn't figured we'd eventually have to kill him... then she wouldn't have been ready to split the alliance, and we wouldn't have had to split them up to keep them from running. If we hadn't split them up, then --"

"Stop it," I say. "Stop second-guessing."

He doesn't seem to have the energy to keep arguing. He lies down in the bed and looks up at the ceiling. "I should have died rather than let Peeta leave Beetee's side."

"Why did you?"

"We heard Brutus and Enobaria. They didn't broadcast that?"

"I was otherwise occupied," I say. I don't know if he's heard about the fight at the viewing center. I'm guessing he must, since he hasn't asked about Harris.

He nods vaguely. "I want to sleep," he says.

I let him pretend to sleep -- I know it's a pretense, because there are no nightmares -- and sit on my cot, staring at the darkness. Now and then, the clouds above part, and I can see down to the empty world below. There is a navigation map set into the wall. I don't know why, but we've flown far to the south of Panem, and are skimming over the straits between North and South America. I watch the red dot of our passing until my body forces me to sleep.

We have stopped to re-charge when I wake up. Finnick is already gone. The dot indicates that we're on an island south of Panem, but to the east, and I'd guess we're going to be making our way north today. A helpful program that sounds like Plutarch tells me that we are on Jamaica, which was a thriving country until the catastrophes came. It does not elaborate.

I go up to check on Katniss and Beetee as soon as we take off. They are both still sleeping. I can't stand seeing Katniss's hands tied, so I take the restraints off of her.

A medic in a white shirt and gray pants comes up to me and says, "You're needed in control, Mr. Abernathy." He starts to put the restraints back.

I grab his wrist. "Leave her be."

"She has tried to injure herself twice. The first time, she pulled out her IVs. The second, she threw herself into the table and aggravated her concussion."

"The restraints didn't stop either."

"Well... no."

"I'm her mentor. Her legal guardian until her mother comes. If she comes. You'll do as I say. Leave them off."

This obviously doesn't sit well, but he agrees and goes about his morning check-up. I head out, and lights in the wall lead me to command -- actually, a pleasant looking lounge with curved windows, probably meant as a luxury. Plutarch has taken it over and is staring intently at a computer screen. Finnick is at the table, looking beaten. I sit down across from him and wait for nearly ten minutes before he even acknowledges that I'm here. I nibble a little bit at the breakfast that's been laid out, but no one seems really interested in it.

"What's the news?" I ask.

"I'm getting reports from the Capitol," Plutarch says. "The news is reporting a terrible fire at the viewing center. Only a few of the mentors escaped it."

"Don't tell me -- it was set by a drunk from District Twelve."

He nods. "During an assault on the electronics involved in the Games."

"What about Peeta and Johanna and Effie?"

"Peeta is in the training center under guard. There's no news about Johanna."

Finnick makes a choked sound.

"And Effie?" I repeat. "The one who wasn't in any danger in the Capitol? Or Peeta's preps. Or Portia."

"No news on any of them," Plutarch says. "I'm sorry, Haymitch. But there was nothing we could do."

"What about survivors in District Twelve?"

Plutarch smiles. "We're cautiously optimistic that there may be some. Aerial surveillance shows a long section of the fence that has been trampled, but we can't tell where in the woods anyone might have gone. Whoever it is, they must be skilled at hiding in those woods."

Gale, I think hopefully. He knows the woods even better than Katniss does, and Hazelle knew to be prepared.

"There's no communication, of course," he says. "Even if the power structure hadn't been destroyed, I can't imagine where they would have gotten equipment."

"So, no direct news," Finnick says. His voice is rough, like he's been crying all night. He may well have been.

Plutarch shakes his head. "Communications are down in Seven, Ten and Twelve." He again looks hopeful. "But Eleven has control of transportation now, so there's at least a hope of them getting some food out."

"Can we get to Four?" Finnick asks.

"No, I'm sorry. There's no way I can get you to Four. But I've given special orders for her retrieval if possible. It's the best I can do, Finnick."

"I should kill myself. They'd leave her alone if I weren't here."

"Don't be stupid," I tell him. "That's the worst thing you could do. Get her killed for sure. As long as you're alive, they'll keep her alive for bait."

The door slams open suddenly, and there is Katniss, wild-eyed, her thin nightgown sticking to her, a syringe held tightly in one hand.

I try to smile. "Done knocking yourself out, sweetheart?" I ask. I suspect it doesn't come out sounding quite as light as I meant it to, because Katniss raises the syringe and starts lurching into the room.

She means to start killing people, I realize. Killing them because she thinks they're in the hands of the Capitol.

I know this with absolute certainty, though Plutarch looks utterly confused. Before she can overcome her own confusion, I grab her hand. "So it's you and a syringe against the Capitol?" I ask, trying to reach her by treating her as I always do. Trying to find Katniss in the crazy girl standing here. "See, this is why no one lets you make the plans." She stares at me. I force her hand open and say, "Drop it."

The syringe falls. I set her down beside Finnick, and try to explain what's happened as well as I can while Plutarch tries to get her to eat. The longer I talk, the more I see her eyes grow cold and far away.

"You didn't tell me," she says at last.

And of course, this is it. This is the moment of betrayal. I consider fobbing it off on someone else, but not telling them was my call.

To my surprise, before I can admit this, Plutarch steps in to take the blame, trying to sound jovial and kind, referencing a hint he gave her about the arena.

Katniss is having none of it. "I still don't understand why Peeta and I weren't let in on the plan."

"Because once the forcefield blew, you'd be the first ones they'd try to capture, and the less you know, the better," I say.

She still doesn't understand, and Finnick and I dance around it. I try to at least explain that Johanna, who she thinks turned on her, saved her life. But Plutarch just ignores most of this and flat out says, "We had to save you because you're the mockingjay. While you live, the revolution lives."

I can see that Katniss is less than impressed by this. She goes to the one place I wish she wouldn't, but the only place she could possibly go. She asks about Peeta. I explain that people were trying to keep him safe, but this isn't what she wants to know.

She hisses, "Where is Peeta?"

I stop obfuscating. "He was picked up by the Capitol along with Johanna and Enobaria."

Her eyes widen, and her mouth tightens in an unvoiced scream. I look away.

She screams and lunges across the table, claws out. Before I know what's happening, she's ripping at my face. Blood fills my eye. She calls me a Gamemaker... worse than a Gamemaker. She says I betrayed Peeta. She calls me a liar and a cheat and tells me that she hates me and is going to kill me. Something in me breaks, and I feel it like glass shards in my head.

I grab her arms and push her away. "You're the one who was going to break the alliance!" I yell at her. "He'd be fine if everyone had stayed together!"

She screeches and takes another swipe at me. Finnick grabs her and drags her from the room. I grab her kicking feet. We get her back to the hospital ward, and this time, I help tie her down. She slams her head on the table again and again, now not cursing me, just crying for Peeta.

The medic sticks her with a needle and she curls up into a voiceless ball.

Finnick has taken a few hits, and the medics install him in the bed next to her for observation. They take me to an exam room to bandage my face.

"You can't start accusing the mockingjay of making a mistake," Plutarch says when I come out.

"I know."

"Then stop it."

He storms off, leaving me alone. I sit down. I want a drink. It's getting to a point where I need one. I've lost my balance. The line has moved again, and I'm completely lost. I go back to the exam room and ask the medic for a detox pill at least, and I may as well have asked him for an unlimited supply of morphling.

"That... poison," he says, "makes you a sober drunk. It prevents intoxication, but it's activating all of the nerve centers of your addiction. You may as well be in a gutter."

He walks away. I stay in the exam room for an hour, craving a drink mentally, but letting my pills do for the physical part.

When I come out, Finnick has gone to sleep. Katniss is in a drugged land where she doesn't even seem to see me.

I sit down beside her, feeling ashamed at what I said to her. The scratches on my face sting, and I won't see out of my left eye for a week, but I earned it. I earned that and more.

I take her hand, and she pulls it away lethargically. "I'm sorry," I tell her again, then kiss her cheek. Then, the words feeling strange and foreign on my tongue, I say, "I love you a whole lot, sweetheart."

She doesn't respond.
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From: tree_and_leaf Date: February 16th, 2013 02:46 pm (UTC) (Link)
Eeek - in someways, this seems even more awful seen through Haymitch's eyes. I really liked the moment where he wished he could hear Peeta saying Plutarch's reassurances, because then he might have believed them.
fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: February 16th, 2013 03:48 pm (UTC) (Link)
I think Haymitch has been so lonely for so long that he hasn't realized how much he needs his weird little family these days... at least not until it's too late.
shortysc22 From: shortysc22 Date: February 16th, 2013 05:38 pm (UTC) (Link)
Loved the rescue and the detail you put in it, since like you said, there's so little canon information.

I think the next part I'm looking forward to reading about is when Haymitch realizes Hazelle has survived and how their first meeting will go.
fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: February 17th, 2013 01:23 am (UTC) (Link)
There may be more of that in the next book than in the next chapter, but he will see her again before the end.
beceh From: beceh Date: February 16th, 2013 08:08 pm (UTC) (Link)
Aww, Haymitch. *sniff*
fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: February 17th, 2013 01:24 am (UTC) (Link)
I <3 Haymitch now. I didn't before.
snorkackcatcher From: snorkackcatcher Date: February 16th, 2013 08:29 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm very bad about commenting, but I've really been enjoying this -- it's great stuff, an inventive and plausible take on what was happening behind the scenes with lots of little nods to canon. And Haymitch is perhaps my favourite character, so I enjoyed his commentary. :) It's fascinating to see a version of events from the POV of someone who actually knew (much of) what was going on.
fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: February 17th, 2013 01:24 am (UTC) (Link)
I found myself hiding more from him than I would have thought was hidden during the books, but, well... he had to be surprised sometimes.
From: (Anonymous) Date: February 18th, 2013 02:28 am (UTC) (Link)
Another great chapter. You actually kind of made me like Plutarch in this one because it is all Snow's fault. But very good chapter, the rescue was so exciting! I'm really looking forward to seeing you do Mockingjay.
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