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Challenge Guide

  1. I've always wanted to see Haymitch and Effie during one of the earlier Hunger Games and how they reacted to their tributes/tributes dying. for rosaxx50 (The New Escort)
  2. Pearl, Finny and Caleb up to something for beceh (Summer)
  3. Let's have this conversation [note: between Gale and Peeta, regarding "I Choose To Be Free" propo] in its entirety, pretty please? for Kobe (Anger)
  4. I'd love to see your take on one of the minor victors either in their Games, or even better more behind the scenes mentoring during the Games. Wiress, Beetee, Seeder, Cecelia etc for Maraudercat (Alliances)
  5. Gale and Johanna, something romantic, early in their relationship. I'd really love to see how they end up acknowledging that there is something between them. for maidenjedi (Districts)
  6. Something with Gale and his son. Father-Son bonding. for Anonymous (Mountain Climbing)
  7. Gale "cleaning-up Peacekeepers in District 2." I believe, Pulratch made a off-hand comment about Gale pulling a "stunt" with the Head Peacekeeper and now the District loves him? Can we have that story? for Anonymous (Legend)
  8. Haymitch finds out Caesar Flickerman was a victor. for bluejayfic (The Victor)
  9. Enobaria's happy ending for Anon (District Fourteen)
  10. I'd love to find out how and why Effie got the District 12 Escort job. for sonetka (Disobedience)
  11. I'm not sure how you feel about AU but if possible, could I have Prim being reaped in for the quell as Peeta feared? for Anon (Ashes)
  12. Did Snow and Coin ever meet, and if so, when? for Anon (Lies)
  13. Life under Snow in one of the non-12 districts (maybe District 7 from Jack Anderson's viewpoint..?) for olegriz (Reaping)
  14. Lyme, doing proto-rebellion things. for vytresna (Nature Photography)
  15. Something about how Cecelia managed to get married. I imagine she had to go through quite the media circus! for Anon olegriz (A Novel Approach)
  16. I'd like to see something from Digger's perspective, like her watching Haymitch's parade/interview/winning. for Sara Libby (Watching)
  17. Something with Effie and Fashion/Glamour? (maybe helping design a clothing line or something?) for nevrafire (Recovery)
  18. I totally really loved your Harry Potter/Hunger Games crossover where haymitch read the books to them. Can we pleaseeeeeeeeeee have more of that? for Anon (The Apple-Day)
  19. What if Prim hadn't been killed in Mockingjay? how would that have changed things. for Anon (Arena)
  20. Gale/Prim/Delly's reaction to see Katniss in the Chariot fire-getup or her first interview dress? for Anon (Burning)
  21. Plutarch after the rebellion is over. for Anon (The Ringmaster)
  22. If you haven't done it already, I'd love to see Portia and Cinna meeting/collaborating for the first time. for Anon (Design)
  23. Peeta teaching one or both his kids about baking for jedi_chick (Creativity)
  24. Snow's clone-son and how he met Haymitch (or was it Plutarch?) for barbara_the_w (Covering Up)
  25. I have always wondered about Cecelia's kids. I feel so awful for them, of all the minor victors in the quarter quell I wanted her to make it. Something with them in catching fire or later? for Anon (Over the Rainbow Water)
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