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Fluffy challenge index - The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
Fluffy challenge index
  1. Okay ... I'd like something about Haymitch and Digger, before they got together. Maybe throw in Haymitch's mom and Lacklen, if you'd like? for Anon (Pretty in India)
  2. I'd like to see something between Ruth and Glen. for Anon (Palace)
  3. Not sure if this is the kind of fluff you mean - but with your last challenge I meant to request a little Finnick and Annie in District 4 before Catching Fire. Like from their courtship or the like for gabrielladusult (A Really Long Walk)
  4. I'd love to see more of the easygoing platonic relationship between Beetee and Wiress (of course) for Maraudercat (Fountain)
  5. How about something with Katniss and her dad? for Anon (Sing Along)
  6. Can we have something happy with Haymitch after everything's over? You have him with Effie, and a daughter named Indigo? Finding love again/ having a child/indigo/ quitting drinking must have brought back a lot of feelings he'd suppressed. Can we see some healing with his family? for ~Karen (At Home)
  7. Something about District 8. It doesn't have be about Cecilia specifically, but I crave anything about District 8 for Sara Libby (The Ladies' Lounge)
  8. How about a "philosophical" discussion about fashion between Effie and Cinna? for sreya (The Art of Fashion)
  9. How about the Mellark boys having a jabberjay drill or the Everdeen family having a song night. for redrikki (Jabberjay Drill)
  10. Cinna--in the middle of joyous/satisfying/fulfilling for vesta_aurelia (Nightgown)
  11. I don't know how fluffy this would be, but I'd love more of your AU where Prim, Ed, and Madge were Reaped! for mistralcat (Ballads)
  12. How about some exploration? Some sort of expedition post-series to the Old World, perhaps with either some hope of expansion or the discovery of more humans? for thornyrose42 (Contrary)
  13. I'm not sure how fluffy these requests are, but could I please see Caesar's POV during a victory interview for a victor that he was really rooting for during their Games (perhaps someone he felt he helped during their pre-Games interview, bonus points if it's someone he perhaps wrote off during interview like Johanna or the D3 victors?) Perhaps remembering his own return as unlikely victor? for Dash (The Wild Gene)
  14. I'd still really love to see Peeta and Haymitch discussing Peeta's plan to tell Caesar about his crush on Katniss. for Anon (The Plan)
  15. A vignette about everyday Capitol life in the early days of Paylor's presidency, perhaps. for vytresna (Bored)


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