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Done! Challenge list - The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
Done! Challenge list

  1. Something with Gia/Finn's dad; I'm very interested to see how their relationship progressed from how we saw it in the cove to having a child together for queen_bellatrix (Changeable Futures)
  2. Peeta's family's reaction while they watch when he's in the clock arena and tells Katniss "Nobody needs me"? for mariachillin (Needs and Promises)
  3. A story I'd really like to see is a crypto-Catholic priest hearing a tribute's confession during the hour-long goodbye period for sonetka (Absolution)
  4. Something with Woof mentoring/advising Cecelia for Sara Libby (Feeding the Ducks)
  5. Ok, the victors reacting to archived footage of 21st century reality TV - your choice which show for gabrielladusult (Who Wants a Clean House?)
  6. An AU in which Mir does go to the Capitol on scholarship, and finds it is rather different than she expected or hoped? for orichalcum (Who You Know)
  7. One of the stories Dannel tells Peeta about Ruth/Katniss/the Everdeens, or something with Peeta telling a story for jedi_chick (The Goose Prince)
  8. I want something with either Gia post-war (if she survived) or with Mimi the capitol actress post-war. (if she survived) for nevrafire (Under the Pier)
  9. I'd like something with Danny's reactions to Peeta's performance in the pregame stuff - the tribute parade, Peeta's crush confession in the interviews for Anon (Giving Up)
  10. Mags, watching Haymitch's Games for vesta_aurelia (Interviews)


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