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The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
These Are The Names, Chapter 4
The Games are beginning. Haymitch is not thrilled at the "clarity" Effie has got, thanks to pills given to her at Capitol Dreams, but he knows she's still got his back. The bloodbath begins. Trill doesn't even make it halfway to the Cornucopia.

Chapter Four
Trill is between the girl from One and the boy from Four, and as soon as the gong sounds, he makes a break for the Cornucopia. I don't know if he's a good runner at home or not, but here, it's useless. The mud and thin rivulets of water make running difficult, if not impossible. The ones actually making progress toward the Cornucopia seem to have lucked into fairly solid ground. Trill's foot sinks into the mud and he's thrown forward.

The boy from Four, Harris, rushes over, turns his face down, and holds him under the muddy water until he's still.

I stare at his body, willing him to get up, silently promising him any kisses he wants, but he stays down.

He's not the only one down. I don't know the order, but there are already losses in District Nine and District Six. A group is converging on the Cornucopia now, which is up on a semi-dry hillock, and the battle begins.

Babra is not in that group. I check her screen. She did exactly what Haymitch told her -- she jumped backward off her platform and is moving as quickly as she can toward the shadows. The tributes' uniforms this year seem to be some kind of body length swimsuits, topped off by rain slickers. Both are dark green and gray camouflage. Babra is already soaked despite the nominal protection, and she's rubbing her arms for warmth.

I look at Trill's screen again.

He's still down.

I shake the screen.

Haymitch puts his hand over mine. "He's gone, Effie."

I shake my head. "It's just the beginning…"

"Not for Trill."


"Effie, I told you what would happen. This is what happens every year. This is what the Games are."

I stare at the screen. I think about Trill flirting with me on the train.

"We still have to watch out for Babra."

I nod. Take a deep breath.

"Do you want me to watch her while you call Trill's family?"

"I'm going to wait until the official count is through. Just in case he's only unconscious. But he's not. I want to make sure she's away clean, too."

The phone rings, and I grab it. Anything to not look at Trill face down in the mud. I turn on the video connection. There's an older lady there, holding a cute little dog. The dog is wearing a little cap that has the number twelve on it in sparkly rhinestones.

"Hello," I say, trying to keep my voice perky and my smile sharp. "I'm Euphemia Trinket, District Twelve. Can I help you?"

"Oh, you poor thing, that boy was your friend wasn't he?"

"Yes, ma'am. Trill was a good boy."

She pats the dog. "Well, I'm Ancharia King, and Popples and I would very much like to help the girl out. What do you need that I can help with?"

I look up at the screen. Babra is on the main screen now, stuck at an expanse of dirty water, trying to hide in the tree line. "Well, ma'am, she's going to need to keep her provisions as dry as she can, and she'll need a water purifier, too. Do you think you could help us get her a bag to keep her things in? They're pricey, but we have other sponsors helping out…"

I get a solid donation out of Ancharia King, and I feel better. I decide to work down a list of names of potential sponsors that Haymitch has jotted down at the back of the book. It seems like the right thing to do.

By the time they start sounding the cannon for the battle at the Cornucopia, I've secured enough money to get Babra a bag and some water purifying tablets (along with a bottle), and Haymitch has directed me to start working toward a waterproof sleeping bag. Babra herself has found a log, and is using it as a float to paddle herself along in the shallow water behind a curtain of vines. After capsizing several times, her long, pretty hair is stuck to her back in muddy clumps.

"It looks like the vegetation is mostly edible," he says. "Probably a few poisonous things to watch out for, but she did all right at plant recognition. Food should be okay. And no one seems to be convulsing from the water, so with the purifier, she should be okay there, too."

I nod. My hands are shaking. I didn't notice that. Trill's screen is dark. I can't see him in the mud anymore. They're probably already bringing him up to the hover craft.

"I need to call the Morrisons," Haymitch says. "Are you okay on your own? Keep an eye on the public screen, so you'll know what the sponsors are talking about."

"I'm fine."

He looks at me doubtfully for a minute, then sighs. "I guess you are. You're good at this. But you forgot to put it on my schedule to thank Caesar. I'm glad you're here, Effie." He stands to go, then turns back. "I'm not one to talk, but… during the Games, could you not take whatever you took before you came in?"

"It was just a mood adjustor. Miss Meadowbrook gave it to me."

"I wish she'd stop adjusting her mood, too. But I don't need her here. I do need you. I'd rather have you in a bad mood and all the way here than checked out. All of this is real, Effie. I need you to remember that."


He nods and goes to the bank of phone booths to place his call to District Twelve.

I turn my attention to the public screen, though I keep Babra's screen where I can see it as well. (She's investigating the parachute we sent her and purifying some water.) On the main screen, the inner district kids are sheltering inside the Cornucopia, sorting out the spoils. The girl from District Four didn't make it. She was attacked by a mutt with large teeth after the battle ended, while I was on the phone with sponsors. If Harris is in pain over this -- or over drowning Trill in cold blood -- it doesn't show. He is sitting on top of an empty crate, going through a pile of weapons.

"What is this?" the girl from Two asks, scraping muck off her boots and tossing it down in disgust. The caption identifies her as Lucia.

"It's a swamp," Harris says. "It's different from the one we have down by the coast, but same idea. You want to spread your weight out as much as you can, or you can sink in the mud. And check depths." He sighs. "And watch for the gators."

"The whats?"

"The thing that got Fanning. It's a mutt version, but it's still a gator. I'd guess there are some nasty bugs around here, too."

"How are we going to get around?" Lucia asks. "They'll hear us coming -- you either splash or squelch around here."

"Can you swim?"

Most of them can. Harris announces that their strategy will be to find deep water, and swim as silently as possible to confront enemies. "They'll be on dry enough ground that they'll hear us when we come up, but we'll try to come up close enough that they can't run. And you guys are going to get some practice before we raid. You looked like crap getting here."

The District One boy, Tourmaline, stands up and moves directly into Harris's space. "I don't know. You've about outlived your usefulness already. Thanks for the advice. But you're not the general."

Harris raises his legs and kicks Tourmaline in the abdomen without too much force, just pushing him away. "You think I'm the only one who knows how to handle a swamp? I guarantee they've got them in Eleven, and I'd be willing to bet the lumberjacks in Seven know what to do if they run across one in the woods. So you've got four more people to worry about, who all handle it better than you desert people do. And I doubt there's one of you who knows how to catch a frog or fish. I'm willing to help you out, because it'll be easier for a while with the usual gang, but I don't care whether or not you find me useful. If you don't want to work with me, I'll leave you on your own, or I'll kill you. It's all the same to me. One way or another, I mean to go home."

Lucia gets between them. "Let's not go to melee before the end," she says. "We'll work this stuff out then." She looks from one to the other. "Guys, come on. We're all friends from training, right?"

Beside me, I hear Chaff snort. I look at him.

"Friends from training," he explains. "That's the story every year, but it's a business deal. They mostly hated each other."


"Sorry to spoil the story for you."

"No. It's interesting to know." I smile. "Besides, most people figure that's an act."

"They do?"

"Yeah. Of course."

"Huh. I figured Capitol people just bought the whole show."

I roll my eyes. We're not rubes. Of course it's a show. Most years, the kids are actually mean to each other.

On screen, Tourmaline and Harris grudgingly shake hands. The girl from One, Catawba, who has been carefully arming herself and retreating toward the exit during this exchange, stops and says, "Then we're still allies?"

Harris shrugs. "Until melee. Then I don't care. I'm going home. They didn't let me say goodbye to my mother."

The coverage abruptly cuts away. Whatever Harris is saying, the Gamemakers have decided isn't for public consumption. I shouldn't want to know. But I can see on one of the small screens that he's talking as they get ready to leave. Saying something. I note the number on the screen, check our audio array and start to move my earphone plug.

I can't, though. It's not for my ears, and besides, Babra might need my attention and --

"Go ahead."

I look up at Haymitch, who looks about a year older than he did before he called the Morrisons. "What?"

"I saw you. You want to know what he's about to say. So do I. Listen. Tell me later. I'll watch Babra."

"Is it allowed?"

"They gave you the console, didn't they? So they must want you to use it."

I guess this is true. If it were forbidden, it wouldn't be possible.

I plug into the sound system for the inner district alliance.

"…mayor was pulling names," Harris finishes, looking disgusted.

"I didn't notice," Catawba says.

"Yeah, well, they didn't make a very big deal, did they? But our escort was speared on the beach like the world's ugliest fish. And they started dragging the women in to interrogate them. They had my mom during the whole visiting time."

"Why would they do that?"

"The old District Seven escort -- and Twelve, I guess -- killed him. So they think she's hiding with us."

"How do they know?"

Harris looks around. "All I know is what I heard. He was stabbed through the chest with a trident -- that's a fishing spear -- but there was something cut on his chest with a knife. Everyone was talking about it before the reaping. One of the guys from the crew that found him said she wrote 'Love, Gia' on his chest. Or maybe that was on paper or something, I don't know, but there was a knife there. It was an arena knife. Had the name of one of the kids from the fiftieth Games on it. Those were her last Games, and one of those knives might have been on the train, right? So they're pretty sure it's her. Only she didn't come forward, so they're interrogating everyone. And I want to get back, because I want to know that my mom's all right."

"I get it," Catawba tells him. "But everyone wants to get home, Harris, and only one of us is going to."

"Yeah. And it's going to be me. Sorry, but it's true."

"It doesn’t make sense," Tourmaline says.

"What doesn't?"

"Why they'd drag in everyone." He shrugs, and passes a water bottle over to the boy from District Two, Trajan. "I mean, why not just find people who appeared out of nowhere, wearing heels and talking like they're from the Capitol?"

"Anyone can cover up an accent with a little practice," Harris says. "And if she's there, she's been there almost ten years. As to people who just show up?" He shrugs. "People cross our lines from the out-districts a lot. Mostly women. We have the easiest border, through the water, if you just miss the mines. So we end up with a lot of people who just 'show up.'"

"Still, someone would have to remember…"

"And that someone would have to tell. That someone isn't telling." He grimaces. "If I ever find her…"

"You'll kill her yourself?"

Harris narrows his eyes. "They took my mother away screaming," he says. "I saw it from the platform. So, yeah. I wouldn't be real happy with her."

He moves on ahead, parting the heavy vines that hang from the swamp trees and leading them away from the Cornucopia. They stop talking.

I pull out my earpiece.

Haymitch looks at me quizzically.

"It's about your friend Gia. I guess he heard about the murder. He said they found -- "

"I've seen the pictures, in gory detail."

"He's angry because she didn't turn herself in. They took his mother before he could say goodbye."

Haymitch grinds his teeth. "Great. And somehow, he's figuring it's Gia's fault."

It occurs to me that if she's not turning herself in when she sees that they're after everyone else, then it is her fault, but I reconsider before saying it out loud. I think Haymitch wouldn't agree with me.

He looks at me for a long time, then sighs and shakes his head. "We may have an alliance," he says, turning away with some finality and nodding toward the main screen. Babra's camera has come back up, and is cutting back and forth with the girl from Seven, Nell Gordon. Nell is a strong-looking girl with short brown hair, and I think she was one who boasted about how strong she was at the interviews. She has also found a log to float on, and they are circling each other warily. I'm not sure why Haymitch is assuming it's an alliance in the offing.

Nell has broken off a piece of soggy wood. It has a sharp end, and it could probably do some damage. I don't think Babra has anything, but she hides her hand in the rain jacket's pocket and calls, "You let me go, I'll let you go. I've got no grudge with you."

Nell snorts. "Like we need a grudge in here."

"Come on. We'll get a day or two. Both of us can get on our feet."

"I'm already on my feet. I spent last summer shunting logs across a swamp in Camp Six. You run into a lot of this in the coal mines?"

Babra rolls her eyes hugely. "I'm a grocer," she says.

"Oh, well, that'll make all the difference. Lots of swampland at your store?"

They close the circle a little bit, coming closer to each other. "I figure things out pretty quickly," Babra says.

"Yeah? Figure this!" Nell raises the piece of wood, but the forward motion of her arm is counterbalanced in the water, and her log slides harmlessly away. She gapes, then leans forward and laughs. "Oh, yeah," she says. "I guess that was real threatening, huh?"

Babra laughs back. "Yeah. About as scary as my weapon." She takes her empty hand out of her pocket.

"Oh, brilliant," Haymitch mutters.

Nell takes another swing with her improvised lance, which sends her log drifting away in a gentle spin.

This gets both of them laughing, even though Babra has to know that Nell didn't mean it as a joke.

"Come on," she says. "I may not know swamps, but I do know physics. Want to be allies?"

Nell looks at her quizzically. "Well, I wasn't planning on -- "

The surface of the water erupts between them, sending out a huge wave and tossing both of them off their logs.

The creature that emerges is twice the size of the one that attacked the girl from Four, but it's the same kind of thing -- the thing Harris called a "gator." It has razor sharp claws, and a deep mouth full of huge teeth.

Nell screams and struggles toward a small hillock in the swamp.

The gator jumps after her.

Babra takes off her jacket and uses the log to kick off of, propelling herself through the water and toward the gator.

"What's she doing?" I ask.

"No idea," Haymitch says.

She launches herself at the gator's back and climbs up. He tries to throw her, but she hangs on, and manages, somehow, to throw her jacket over its head, covering its eyes. She pulls back on the sleeves and holds it tight as it bellows and thrashes.

"Nell!" she shouts. "Nell, kill it! Get some traction and kill it!"

Nell has found something like solid ground under the water, though she's up to her chest. She grabs her pointed stick and pulls herself forward. It's slow and graceless, but she seems to be gaining confidence.

As she comes in reach of the mutt's claws, she forces the stick upward into its throat.

Blood pours down on her.

The mutt thrashes backward, and Babra jumps wildly off to one side as it falls and sinks back into the swamp, leaving it suddenly and eerily silent. Babra gets up and wrings mud out of her hair.

"So," Nell says. "You were saying something about being allies?"

Babra grins.

"How did you know?" I ask Haymitch. "I thought that girl was going to kill Babra."

"They're both scared to death. They both ran away from the Cornucopia, like smart people do. So, scared smart people realize that it's a little less scary with help."

"Were you scared?"

"I had forty-seven people out to kill me. What do you think?"

"I guess I never thought about it. You didn't look scared."

"They're all scared, Effie. Every last one of them. Even the ones going on about how they're sure they'll win."

The clarity I woke up with is starting to fade. I can't think about this, so I stop thinking about it. "Let me get the alliance papers for Mr. Hedge," I say. I pick up the case of papers under the table and start looking for the right forms.

There's a soft thump, and I look up to find that Oliver Hedge -- better known as Blight -- has pushed his table over. "Haymitch," he says.

"Blight." They shake hands. Haymitch pulls over a chair for Blight's escort. "You know, I could have come over there."

"You got extra room on one side," Blight says. "It's easier this way. They need to keep moving somehow. It's harder to hit a moving target."

Haymitch nods. "You noticed that, too? Mags's girl, and now it comes after ours?"

"I'm not counting on it just being the girls," Blight says. "I'm keeping a close eye on Sebastian, too." He looks in my direction. "Is this your new escort?"

"Yeah. Eff-- Euphemia Trinket, Blight Hedge."

"Pleased to meet you!" I say, extending my hand.

He shakes it. "Likewise." He turns back to Haymitch. "So how can we help them keep moving…?"

The two of them start talking about what gifts to send them. It sounds like they mean to send messages, which they're not supposed to do -- once the tributes are in the arena, it's supposed to be all their own thinking -- but which everyone guesses they do anyway. There are all kinds of convoluted theories about mentor messages. I'm starting to think the reality might be even more convoluted.

They both seem very sure that their tributes are being targeted, even though other districts (Six and Ten) have already lost both tributes, while we still have Babra, District Four still has Harris, and Blight hasn't lost either of them. In my head, I hear an old teacher of mine from Capitol Dreams, Papirius Long sighing as he looks out the window at some party or another. "The districts are paranoid and ignorant, Euphemia. It's no fault of their own -- they've been stuck in these cultural ruts for generations. They're never really exposed to life. They reject knowledge, and they fill the gaps with crazy ideas about how everyone is out to get them. That's how Thirteen got them to go along with its nonsense in the Dark Days. When you don't really believe in anything, you become very gullible. That's why we make sure that you believe in the Capitol, that you understand that we only want the best for these people in the end, even when they don't know what's best for themselves. It's a bulwark against gullibility."

The thing is, Haymitch may be many things -- many of them not very pleasant -- but he doesn't strike me as gullible, and he's a million miles from ignorant. And honestly, I didn't meet a lot of people in District Twelve, but the ones I did meet seemed quite smart.

I guess it doesn't prevent paranoia.

On the main screen, they finally return to the inner district alliance. Lucia has taken over generalship, and Harris is letting her. They've commandeered a tent in the Cornucopia, and after some searching, they've found almost solid ground to set it up on, though Catawba, who's trying to place the stakes, finally gives up and secures the ropes to protruding tree roots. The resulting tent is lopsided, but seems secure enough. It's big enough for four out of the five of them, if a little tight, and the fifth will always be on guard duty outside, anyway.

Harris takes the first watch, sitting stoically on a rock while the others get things arranged.

"We should go back for the other tent," Trajan says. "I don't like just leaving the supplies wrapped up." He points toward a large ball of plastic wrapping, where they've stored all the food they carried from the Cornucopia. It's tethered to a tree.

"Tent's not going to help," Harris says, not even looking over his shoulder into the tent. "It's just one more layer to get through when we want to get something."

"Speaking of which," Lucia says, "is anyone hung--"

Harris stands up, pulling a sword. "Something's coming."

A howl breaks the foggy quiet of the swamp, then another, and another.

The alliance comes out of the tent, weapons drawn.

Three wolves come slinking out of the trees, balancing on the tree roots, their great teeth bared.

They launch themselves at Harris.

He strikes the first one cleanly, cutting its neck deep. The second and third jump him from the sides. Tourmaline grabs one and yanks it off, tossing it aside, stunned.

Harris puts the sword through a second wolf, but it seems to stick, and when the body rolls off into the water, it takes his weapon with him.

"Well, that was bracing," Catawba says, looking around nervously. She has a hunting knife raised in front of her. "They were -- "

The stunned wolf jumps to its feet with sudden ferocity, and rushes on Harris. He grabs it by the neck and rolls it over into the water, forcing its head under until it stops moving.

"Wow," Tourmaline says, "the mutts really don't like District Four this year."

The other inner district kids laugh, but Harris doesn't. "They really don’t," he says, and kicks away the drowned wolf. "Before the overgrown poodles decided to adopt me, did someone say something about being hungry?"
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sonetka From: sonetka Date: May 3rd, 2014 08:26 pm (UTC) (Link)
"I'm not counting on it just being the girls," Blight says. "I'm keeping a close on Sebastian, too."

I think there should be an "eye" there.

I really like it whenever you spend time on the Careers -- I like seeing them as three-dimensional kids and not just the robotic killing machines Katniss (understandably) sees them as. Though Harris is close -- I can't remember how much he does in your earlier stories but he is cool and collected to a sociopathic degree. I wonder if it was missing out on seeing his mother that let him really focus? Naturally she'd have to be interrogated *right then* -- it's not like they could have waited an hour. And his blaming of Gia is unfortunate but all too believable, especially when the fact is that she didn't *have* to sign her work.

The conversation between Haymitch and Effie about what the Capitol viewers buy into vs. what they don't was great. I loved their mutual surprise that neither one completely bought into *every* part of the show.
fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: May 4th, 2014 06:29 am (UTC) (Link)
Why yes, I do seem to be missing an eye, don't I?

I think Gia signed her work to avoid what ended up happening -- with the thought if they knew who the culprit was, they wouldn't pin it on someone else. Which is, to an extent, true -- they're doing a DNA sweep to find her, but they're not throwing random people in jail.
redrikki From: redrikki Date: May 3rd, 2014 10:32 pm (UTC) (Link)
Man, I'm really digging this look at how the capitol sees the districts. Like that Capitol Dreams guy and his theory about how and why the districts are all paranoid and yet simultaneously gullible. Because that's how it works.
fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: May 4th, 2014 06:30 am (UTC) (Link)
Well, what he thinks they're gullible about is their tendency to believe in crazy persecutorial conspiracy theories, so...

In fact, I do think they probably tend to believe a little too easily that every single bad thing that happens originates in the Capitol. On the other hand, a lot of bad things clearly do.
From: (Anonymous) Date: May 3rd, 2014 10:50 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm really enjoying this story like I always do with yours! Just noticed that you say earlier on that District 7 lost their make tribute and then he's back alive for Blight to keep an eye on.
fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: May 4th, 2014 06:31 am (UTC) (Link)
Good catch, thanks! I changed that mention to D10.
From: queen_bellatrix Date: May 4th, 2014 04:34 am (UTC) (Link)

A Few More Typos and Feedback

food should okay I think you're missing a be before okay; and from what I could see, there were three spaces instead of two between the sentence about plant recognition, and the one about food.

tossing it down in disgust. I think something may have gotten lost in the editing here; you just said she was scraping mud off her boots; if she tossed down her boots, I'd think it would be them, rather than it, which leads me to think she was originally holding something else?

bottle over the Think you're missing a to before the the, there.

set them up on Wouldn't the them there be an it, since they're setting up the tent?

Ooo, more Blight! This alliance, especially the mentor interactions, should be interesting with what's going on outside.

And okay, Snow, guess you forgot what happened after the 51st when the Gamemakers took punative action; even the Capitolites are going to start noticing a pattern, and while I'm sure it won't be a scandal like the 51st, it's so obvious. I'm sitting here, having the same reaction Haymitch had in the hospital in EOTW about how unsubtle Snow is.

And wow, you got so much awesome stuff in through the Career conversation! I loved that we got the Four explanation within a fic, and like someone above, I really liked the three-dimmensionality you gave the Careers. I have a feeling they'll go to maylay early that year, since Harris is going to become a liability really fast and they're going to want to get rid of him. And Gia using Haymitch's arena knife to sign her work.:d:d:d

I have a lot of sympathy for Harris's plight (am in complete agreement with Haymitch about the pointlessness of blaming Gia instead of the people who actually y'know took his Mom), but have a lot of sympathy for his plight. And his overgrown poodles joke was just great, and a great ending line for a chapter!

The entire sequence between Nell and Babbra, before the alligator, was just perfectly written; comic gold, mixed with an awful morbidity. How you managed to make me laugh while ratcheting up the tension I will never know, but you did. Loved the reasons Haymitch gave for knowing there would be an alliance, and really, really like Babbra. That move with the mut was wrecklessly brave, but clever at the same time.

And Haymitch's observations about how scared the tributes are are just so spot-on. I also loved his "reasoning" for getting Effy to listen in on the inner-District alliance; they did give her the console, so they can't technically get her in trouble for it, or at least that's what I'm telling myself. And it was great to see a spark of normality in the Capitol with her just being downright curious, no matter how much it was forbidden. Also really liked, if I'm not reading it wrong that is, the realization when Haymitch sighed during their talk about Gia that she's far too Capitol for him to use/enhance that curiosity to make her a rebel. Just a really nice reminder of all the good people who aren't rebels, and all the myriad reasons why that is.

I, too, really enjoyed the conversation between Effy and Chaff about just which bits of the show Capitolites bought. It's really fascinating to me that she immediately calls it a show, because that really is what these people must have to think about to survive; there'd have to be a disconnect between it as a show and the reality that it's happening to real people, or you'd go mad. I love how that's reinforced when Haymitch asks her not to take the mood adjusters because he needs her to remember that it's all real. The real danger of those things hadn't even really sunk in for me before that comment, and then I was appalled that she'd come to work with them in her system, though most appalled at CD which hands them out like candy.

I remember in GM the first thing Haymitch says about Harris is that he's an idiot; is the Gia thing the reason why? If so, it's an awesome character flaw for Haymitch to have, and an oddly Twelve one, if that makes any sense. The people that are "family" are family, and if someone attacks them, it won't be forgotten, even if the person does other things that overshadow it. Or I suppose he may just be an idiot about how he wins his games.

And just for clarity's sake, Lucia's the girl from Two, right?

fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: May 4th, 2014 06:36 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: A Few More Typos and Feedback

She had a handful of muck in her hand, which she flung into the swamp.

Got the rest. The spaces... they got erased when I pasted into word. I have a sticky spacebar, and I'm always accidentally doing that!

Haymitch realizes not only that it's a stretch to get her to be a rebel, but that if she stops being so Capitol, Snow will just take her away and brainwash her anyway. (I have a bad feeling that the movie may try to paint her as an actual rebel -- some fansites seem to think she is, as well -- but I think it's much more interesting that she isn't -- that Haymitch and Plutarch manufactured it from whole cloth, which certainly seems to be Katniss's opinion. It helps with the idea that, to paraphrase Sirius Black, the world is not split into good people and loyal Capitolites.)

I remembered Haymitch calling Harris an idiot, and I definitely wanted to come up with some reason for it.
From: (Anonymous) Date: May 4th, 2014 11:25 pm (UTC) (Link)


Haymitch might not have a lot of "grounds" to question what substances anyone puts in their body, he has perfect grounds for insisting that Effie not use anything during the Games. He never uses while he has Game responsibilities going on, after all. But even on mood enhancers, she's still a way better escort than Glass ever was

I really liked Catawba (awful name but well chosen nonetheless). She's all business and practicality, arming herself and making sure she's close to an exit while the guys are doing their macho thing.

And glad that Babra and Nell have found each other (for the moment). I wonder if they'll team with Daylily later on? Like Harris said, I'll bet anyone from 11 will know something about swamps.

Sara Libby
fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: May 6th, 2014 01:29 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: While...

Oh, missed this one!

Haymitch in some ways has all the grounds in the world -- he knows exactly how incapacitating it is, from personal experience. On the other hand, yeah. Just, yeah. Of course, Effie isn't thinking of herself as high. She's thinking of herself as "normalized." I have to figure out what she's taking, exactly.

Catawba (got bored with the gemstones and furs, so I went for a wine grape) definitely has her head screwed on straight.
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