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These Are The Names, Chapter 24 - The Phantom Librarian — LiveJournal
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These Are The Names, Chapter 24
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From: queen_bellatrix Date: July 22nd, 2014 03:29 am (UTC) (Link)

Feedback/Some Catches

One of miners Think you're missing a the before miners.

go talk shows Think you're missing an on before talk.

hear something "Seam Think you may be missing a word after something?

engineers called Think called should be calls.

Since you send Think send should be spend.

This what you I'm pretty sure this was intentional, but thought I'd point out just in case it wasn't.

Did Finn just implicitly say in that tape that people who donated (especially the high rollers) could have his company when Snow didn't have him scheduled? (I want to be wrong!) If I'm right, what an jaw-droppingly amazing thing to do, and thank God Haymitch never found out.

I have a horrible feeling the rebel idiots who hit the tracks in the Games did it again, and stopped relief getting to one of their largest supporters Districts. I really like the picture you're painting; that there was rebellion before Kattniss, but it was so fragmented it couldn't accomplish anything, and shot itself in the foot more often than not.

Oh, Effie. What she's dealing with, loving someone as broken as Haymitch can so often be, in a society that's doing its damndest to break him the rest of the way has to be simultaneously one of the most frustrating and exhilarating experiences. (Because he is always trying, and not giving it up as a bad job, and every year, when he's sober, she can see so much potential)

And then there's how close she's getting to Twelve, which has me fretting.

Just to clarify, because I'm a bit lost: There was a point in the fic where Effie was traveling with a mine executive, and he was talking about how Haymitch agitated for air filtration systems and safety equipment. I'm assuming the air filtration systems either don't help with ventilation, or that they were allowed to lapse/decay? (My guess would be the former; that they maybe help get some of the coal dust out of the air, so there's a lower incidence of miners cough, but don't actually increase the air, but I'm not sure?)

And gaaah, that scene in the house between Haymitch and Effie. Because there's a grain of truth, but it's mixed in with so much self-loathing. And even as I say there's a grain of truth, and that he could have done so much good if he'd sobered up and used that brain,I have to wonder. I'm beginning to think that, in order to make the sort of short-term changes he wants, he would have had to give up the long-term goal of rebellion? I mean, Beetee invents stuff, but not stuff like this. And Beetee wasn't the kind of threat Haymitch was in the arena. I'm imagining that, to get permission/approval from Snow, he would've had to forsake the rebellion, maybe swear some kind of public oath of loyalty? And he still would've been watched like a hawk. If Snow would ever even let him be sober; I've seen it mentioned, and brought it up, that he should dry out, but if Snow realized he was, would he actually let it happen? Because the more I read HT, I think one of the main reasons Gia was taken away was because she was keeping him sober and sympathetic.

And then the food's just the cherry on the cake; because he's so isolated, word's not getting around about what he's doing, which is, I think? the reason no one's taking it.

And Maysilee must be so pissed beyond the veil; if he hadn't been there to "poke holes in her plans", some of her plans in the Capitol, and the District, for that matter, would've gotten her into serious trouble. While she had plans, I think she might've actually done worse as a victor, without someone to poke holes in them, than Haymitch has; I've an awful feeling she would've had an "accident"

Anyway, an incredibly well-written, wrenching scene. And Effie's insights about the house and how he treated it/himself; I'd never thought of them before, but once she made them, they slotted perfectly into place; she really does have brilliant observational power where he's concerned.

I wanted to carry Merle on my shoulders for his retorts to that reporter!

And Danny had every right to be furious with Meer; reading the aftermath from Peeta's end was awful. (especially because it seems like she backhanded him, leaving the scratch as described in HOC, and then used the utensil? What a horrible, horrible woman.)

fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: July 22nd, 2014 04:05 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Feedback/Some Catches

Thanks, got 'em.

The engineer Effie talked to was certainly annoyed that he had to part with any money to improve safety conditions because a mere victor was agitating (while he was trying to buy), but he parted with the bare minimum of money to clean out some filters in already existing parts of the mine. It didn't do much for the new chambers that were being opened up.

Finnick was threatening what he ultimately did. He reminded them how very well he knew them all. In other words, I know your secrets. Cough up the goods, or other people will know them, too.

There's a lot of truth to the idea that Haymitch has wasted his brain, though he's not particularly of an engineering bent, so he might not be all that great with the nitpicky stuff his parents were doing, anyway. He doesn't recognize the value of what he does manage, which is keeping the rebellion from going off the rails several times (he'll recap some of what Effie's missed when I get back to his POV). Which, yes, Maysilee would tell him if she could.

It's definitely not easy to love someone who's as badly damaged as Haymitch is. It's a small miracle that after as much brain-pickling as he did, he's functional enough to come back for Katniss and the rebellion, and it speaks to his personality that he managed it, but people like that are not easy to be around.

And yes, Mir has now officially crossed the moral event horizon.
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