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Done! Challenge list

  1. Something 4/Odair centric; the Odair family being happy/struggling to rebuild their familial dynamic post-65th, with all the media attention for queen_bellatrix ( Games )
  2. Johanna and Finnick having a conversation about Katniss volunteering after they arrive in the capitol during the 74th games for mariachillin ( Catching the Show )
  3. whatever happened to Jack's partner?? for Anon ( Forest )
  4. I would like to see something (the fluffier the better, though obviously HG fluff is different from other fluff) where Snow took a different tack with Haymitch, and Haymitch got to keep Lacklen, Digger, and whatever other friends/social connections that he's pushed away over the years for Sara Libby ( The August Story )
  5. President Hawthorne is faced with something along the lines of the Whiskey Rebellion for snorkackcatcher ( Hypocrites )
  6. How about Annie a few years after her games? for rosaxx50 ( Drowning )
  7. Either the conversation alluded to at the end of Narrow Path in which Effie tells Haymitch that she can't wait much longer to have a child, or any other moment of happiness for Haymitch and Effie for Anon ( All or Nothing )
  8. Can we see Effie taking Johanna out shopping during Johanna's first year as a mentor? for golden_d ( A Tragedy )
  9. I'd love to have a conversation among the mentors in which they are nominating their choices of the worst costume design for the tributes ever for orichalcum ( Sunset )
  10. At the Villains' Convention, The Wicked Witch Of The West and Cory Snow discuss those disgusting do-gooders that they're stuck with. (I read somewhere that _everything_ that Dorothy Gale does in _The Wizard Of Oz_, she does to save Toto. So Dorothy and Katniss are alike.) Bonus points if you can throw in what the WWW and Snow think of Voldemort for Tom. ( Dealing With Heroes )
  11. I'd love to see some Mags POV on what happens to Finnick, especially in the first few years after his Games for mirandabeth ( Galvanized )
  12. I'd like to see your take on what happens in District 13 post-Mockingjay. Still underground? Still grey and grim? Or...? for marycontraria ( Changes )
  13. In one of your other challenges, you mentioned in passing Indigo getting grounded after some older kids got her drunk. I'd be interested in seeing that conversation with Haymitch for Anon. ( Unfair )
  14. I'm curious about Indigo, and how much she knows about her parents' history. And just how everything is after the last Games. I remember a challenge call about Snow's granddaughter being taught in school, and was wondering what Indigo makes of it, especially being a child from both sides? for Anon ( One in a Million Shot )
  15. I'd be interested in seeing the "train accident" that killed Martius Snow and Peri for Maraudercat ( The Next Stop On the Line )
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