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The Last Tribute: Chapter Nine - The Phantom Librarian — LiveJournal
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The Last Tribute: Chapter Nine
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fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: September 1st, 2014 06:39 pm (UTC) (Link)
Unreliable narrators are why I love POV-flipping so much. It's almost a different story.

While Haymitch is more right than Katniss about Peeta here, he's also indulging in a little idealization. I didn't notice how subtle Collins is with his character on a casual read, but going through this chapter, she does a fabulous job of letting Peeta peek out around Katniss's filter. He's hurt, he's angry, and he's scared -- the little lash-out lines that he has about "After she shoved me!" and "Say hello to my mother"... he's a sixteen year old kid who just took a big emotional risk and didn't get much from it.
13 comments or Leave a comment