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The Last Tribute: Chapter Twenty-One - The Phantom Librarian — LiveJournal
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
The Last Tribute: Chapter Twenty-One
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fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: November 6th, 2014 05:37 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Feedback/Some Catches

Sorry to be a bit late with the catches; am too much of a political junkie to have concentrated last night!
Me, too -- I probably wouldn't have made the fixes right away! I had two college friends tied up in races in different states, so I had windows open and refreshing for hours. Now, the pleasure of analyzing it to death, comparing notes with other wonkish friends... ah. I suppose I should concern myself with issues, but I have a Plutarch-ian love of the sheer politics of the game right after elections.

You know, I'm not sure how he gets the armor, either. I may have to just re-think the action.

I think Haymitch might have done better personally if he'd been able to admit to himself (and the people he cared about) that there were things he enjoyed. It is the "Jack" cycle of stories, which apparently got told quite a bit up in the mountains in Appalachia, with their own spins on them.

For me, the worst of the psychological things that the Games do is what decisions they force fundamentally decent people to make. If you want your child to live, it means wishing twenty-three others dead. And even in a year where Haymitch has fought for both of his tributes to make it out, that still means he has to hope for 22 deaths.

I have no idea what Haymitch thinks he's going to do about Finnick -- other than win the larger war -- and I doubt he has any idea, either, but he's totally sincere in his intent.
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