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Woo-hoo! The Quill fora are back!

I did my first day back at work today. It's the longest I've spent on crutches at a stretch since I did this, and I think I ruled out any chance of crutching a quarter mile to a bus stop. I'm going to have to cab it. Blah. I have a blister on the heel of one hand, and had awful tendonitis in the wrist of the other. Not to mention my good foot cramping up after half a block getting to and from lunch.

Nonetheless, it's very good to be out of the house and doing something to actually earn a paycheck. (I'm way too much of an old Puritan to like not having a job to do.)

Speaking of jobs to do, I think that pranking Narcissa notion may be a bad idea in Shifts. Trying to think of a follow-up is tripping me up more than the story has tripped me up so far. I'm going to give it one more go (maybe two)--you know, working out (gasp) long term story plans, which have been very vague thus far--but if I can't make it work, I'm going back and editing out the idea.

EDIT IN: One more thing on the OC vs. Mary Sue post--

If you're writing an AU, making an OC central to it generally backfires. You're already driving the canon characters in new and exciting directions. An OC... well, how would that be interesting, as no one would see how s/he has changed in the changed universe? S/he could be in a strong supporting role--a child the canon character didn't originally have in canon or whatnot--but an AU formed around an OC is just baffling. What's the point?

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