FernWithy (fernwithy) wrote,

Mini challenge call

I can't believe how stuck I still am. I will get these guys moving.

In the meantime, mini-challenge-call? First five.

  1. I was wondering, in my typical way, what kind of classical music has survived, and how residents of Panem interact with them. I think there would also be certain of the folk songs that survive as well, those things hang on forever. I don't mind who reflects on 'ancient' music, but you know how I love the surviving victors and their families. for willowlistener
  2. We don't seem to hear from the District 5 victors very often. What do they think of the capitol and the rebel victors? For that matter, how are their relationships with their own district? for Beth
  3. I keep obsessing over Gloss and Cashmere. What do their parents do during the rebellion? Gloss's girlfriend? for Angela
  4. Any chance of a conversation between Duronda and some of the other victors, where Duronda mentions meeting Mags' mother? Or just other behind the scenes victor interaction/shenanigans for Maraudercat
  5. In End of the World I remember Digger mentioning that Duronda had come to the Community Home to talk to them ... could we see one of those talks? for shiiki

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