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The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
Okay, weird dream
Okay, I had a dream that really did make Jackson's take on Tolkien look faithful. In this dream, LotR had been split into various sections, each of which opened with the characters in a cafe or pub. Frodo was a woman in a business suit and high heels, and when the Mordor section opened, she and Sam were talking about the mission in a little greasy spoon in a desert town out of a western. I commented, dazed, that some liberties had been taken with the text, and some random woman ran out from nowhere with the script in one hand and the books in the other, and pointed out the scene at The Prancing Pony and the scene at the Green Dragon, each of which begins a section (she somehow had the book open to both places at once while pointing earnestly to the passages), and said, "So you see, it's a text-based interpretive choice! It comes straight from Tolkien!" (Frodo's little trip to the vet was left unexplained.) Note to self: It could always be worse.

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