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And more DCEU

I'm home with a sore throat and bored, so I clicked around on articles about Henry Cavill leaving the Supes role, and...

Oh, DC. Just stop it. This is another thing: they think they can save the franchise with re-casting. Nope... Re-casting signals re-boot. You lose the audience you did have.

As to Michael P. Jordan in the role? Hmm. I don't know. He's such a good actor, I'd love to see them come up with a brand new superhero for him, and just for him.

In fact, why re-cast at all when you can just make a new hero if this Supes isn't working?

So, let's see, superheroes. Probably every power has been used in at least one obscure comic title, but what the heck?

How about a hero who can navigate the land of the dead and use it to travel and solve crimes? (No, wait, I'm going to do that, I think. No offer to Marvel or DC. ;p And if I get cleared from work to have a Patreon, maybe that's even the story I'll start with.)

Okay, um...

Possible powers (all obviously combined with some kind of super fighting ability, because we need action sequences):
Stopping time, or going outside time (I guess Dr. Strange has that covered, but it doesn't play like I'm thinking there)
Being able to travel through time, and see but not change (Eg, if he wants to escape, he can sideslip into a different time, but he can't touch anything there?)
Can understand all languages
Can travel magically through maps
Can immediately see all possible paths someone might take
Can make people see the world from another perspective (and can see all perspectives, because that wouldn't make a person crazy)
Can summon an army from the memories of people who've inhabited a place
Can summon powers as needed from his ancestors

I don't know. What would be a cool superhero power?

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