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Upcoming superhero movies - The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
Upcoming superhero movies
Obviously, I'm looking forward to A4, but watching the other trailers, I'm less excited.

So, I've been watching trailers. I haven't seen Aquaman because I don't care all that much, and besides, I had car trouble, so money gets allocated in the way it needs to be allocated.

But I watched a YT vid about Shazam generating higher interest in its trailer than Captain Marvel, and I totally get that. CM trailers have bored me to tears; Shazam made me grin at least a little bit. Certainly, the main character is more relatable.

But my real issue with this whole breed is that I don't like the whole aliens-gave-me-powers run that the superheroes had for a while. Sure, Superman is literally an alien, but he was more interesting in his Clark Kent-ish-ness, and I tune out whenever they go into the Kryptonian mythos. DC's quasi-classical-mythology (on WW and AM) is... bearable, but so messed up on its source material that it makes me wince, and I definitely like it better when they ignore it. (Sorry, but I stole my mom's copy of Edith Hamilton when I was six and didn't give it back until she gave me my own copy to take to college; the Amazons being enemies of Ares is too bizarre to contemplate. Give me Uncle Rick any day.) The really good stuff is what we see in Captain America, or the Hulk, or Iron Man... these are very human stories that deal with human actions and human consequences. I shrugged off the Macguffins of the infinity stones as a thing. Whatever, you need a plot, right? But the next phase looks like it's going more into that stuff, the stuff that, at best, I tolerate, as the main focus.

It's not that I can't stand aliens. I like Star Wars and Star Trek (yes, it's possible to like both)... but those are places where aliens are just people, not, well... gods, granting superpowers and...

I don't know. Guardians of the Galaxy are all right, largely because they go straight to SW/ST attitudes toward aliens, and Thor's whole thing was that, like Superman, he is an alien himself, but learns to be human as well.

What I've seen of Captain Marvel, on the other hand, looks boring as hell--kidnapped pilot gets powers from aliens. WHATEVER. I don't care. Shazam is the same kind of thing (if I recall from the Isis/Shazam hour when I was little), but at least it looks, you know... funny. Like it understands this stuff. Which is what I usually expect out of Marvel.

The problem with CM isn't that Carol Danvers is a woman. I couldn't care less. I do wish they'd given us a Black Widow movie first; we still don't know jack about her, and I actually like her. The problem is that the whole thing looks... dull. I don't care about the Kree, or "Look how much more badass I am than the characters you actually already like." (Please stop doing that, all studios and all television shows. Your new characters and situations shouldn't be trying to "outdo" the old ones. That's just flipping annoying. We liked the old ones. Make the new people different not just "more." That's why the end of Stephen King's Dark Tower annoyed so many people. The old villain, Randy Flagg, was a favorite, but then King's like, "No, I think The Crimson King is KEWLER." Stop it. Just... stop... it.)

Anyway, that's where I stand.
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mylla From: mylla Date: January 9th, 2019 12:13 am (UTC) (Link)
I agree with this SO MUCH. I saw Aquaman (SO boring, if very pretty) and therefore saw the trailers you're talking about. Captain Marvel looked beyond boring, but Shazam actually looked fun. Aren't these movies supposed to be fun?
I haven't heard any reactions to Aquaman. Did people like it? Because apart from the scenery and impressive effects, and a tiny bit of plot (which was fine as far as it went, but sooo dragged out) it was basically just a too-long series of escalating battle sequences, some of them in which you didn't even know the people involved (and never would).
penfold_x From: penfold_x Date: January 9th, 2019 04:21 pm (UTC) (Link)
Pretty much this. Maybe if I had read DC comics maybe I'd feel differently, but I didn't know anything about the characters before I went, and I didn't really know anything about them after. Jason Momoa was shirtless a lot, as promised, so it's not like there was no value proposition.
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