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Fic-meme - The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
Why not? Gakked from lessthanpie and kikei.

1. What's the favorite story (ie: 1) you've ever written and why?
Hmm... which is my favorite child, and why?

Okay, okay. Meme rules. And the truth is, the single favorite is easy, though there are a lot of reasons why. It's The Ascension of the Queen. First reason I loved it--it begged to be written. Second reason, once a_p_ and I started, the silly thing felt like it wanted to write itself--it just flew along and writing it was a really euphoric experience. Third, a_p_, as well as being a good friend, is a great writing collaborator--we have the same priorities and writing habits, and there wasn't a single conflict or abrasion in the course of a story more than three hundred pages long. Fourth, and I am willing to flatly brag, it turned out to be a damned good story. The characters take neat turns, the alternate universe feels very organic to me, and all the little side plots faced neatly toward the center, so that the story as a whole has a very unified feel. I also enjoyed writing the story previous to it (By the Grace of Lady Vader, with ladyaeryn as well as a_p_), but Ascension has the edge because it didn't have to re-cover any ground as the AU was splitting off from canon--the scenes are parallel to RotJ (right down to a dance number while Leia is being held prisoner), but because the universe has divurged, the circumstances are entirely different. Also, there's redemption in AotQ, which BtGoLV deliberately stopped short of.

2. What're questions you're most frequently asked?
Are you going to finish Blood in the Earth? (No.)
Will you Sort Hagrid in Of a Sort? (No.)
Are there any more Sortings? (Yes. Working on Harry's year, with Neville as the main POV character and including the Sortings of Hermione, Ron, and Seamus, and I'll do the next year--Luna POV, including Sorts of Ginny and Colin. That's all I have planned.)

3. What're your thoughts on betas?
Helpful. I can submit without a beta, but I definitely prefer to have at least some commentary, and some spot checks on spelling, grammar, etc.

4. How important is canon?
If I didn't care about canon, I'd just be writing original fiction. I don't excuse any fanfic from canon restraints--AU, in particular, needs to make sense in terms of canon. That said, I limit canon to the minimum: The original format of the source materials in the form approved by the original creator (yes, that means the latest form of SW, with added and altered material, is more canon than Lucas's original draft of the screenplay). Therefore, what appears in the Harry Potter books is canon. What appears on the website is likely to become canon, but I don't think it's necessary to change a fic until it actually appears in the books (though in practice, I'll try to work it in, because I'd rather not have a story be obsoleted if I have the information to prevent it). What is in the Star Wars movies is canon. What is in technical manuals and Del Rey novels is not. Canon is what binds derivative creation--I may like an element of a non-canon source (I'm crazy about Siri Tachi, from the Jedi Apprentice books), and I can use it if I want to, but someone who doesn't like something from a non-canon source is free to ignore it. (Unlike the JKR website, the SW novels and so on seem singularly unlikely to have an impact on canon, or to predict it, so I have no compunctions at all about ignoring these in their entirety.) On the other hand, I may not like something in canon (I could live without Grawp, that's for sure), but while I may not choose to write about it, I may not write as though it's false.

5. What're your fanfic pet peeves?

See notes on canon, above. No one escapes. Also, too much sex.

6. What's your favorite (ie: 1) fic you've ever read and why?
Oh, my Lord, that one's just really difficult. As with books, it depends on too many factors, and changes day to day. I'll just use this question to pimp a lesser read SW fic that I've championed since I read it. Tamarisk, by Arco, really uses action-as-character-development well, as Vader makes his way through a booby-trapped freighter and has to find a way to use the Force to stop the freighter from hitting Coruscant. But there are so many others I like, too! How am I supposed to answer that?

7. What quote applies most to you and why?
"Much that he (I must suppose) and others (certainly) would call “serious” literature is no more than play under a glass roof by the side of a municipal swimming-bath. Fairy-stories may invent monsters that fly the air or dwell in the deep, but at least they do not try to escape from heaven or the sea." JRR Tolkien, "On Fairy-stories"

8. Do you outline/brainstorm?
Sometimes yes, sometimes no. With short stories, almost never. With longer ones, I tend to go a little at a time. But I like to write the very last scene early so that I know where I'm headed.

9. Computer or pen and paper?
Mostly computer, but when I plan, I do it in longhand. And I write in longhand if I happen to be out and feel like writing.

10. What's your muse's name and favorite temptation to be creative?
I don't really have a muse, per se. If I did, I'd probably name him Simon, for the Lord of the Flies character. But mostly, the stories are suggested by the characters in question.

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