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Our storyteller needed to cancel today, which I'm sad about as (a) I was looking forward to it and (b) she was sick, and that's a bad. But am I a bad person to also be a little relieved, because I didn't have all my bureaucratic ducks in a row? Now, we can reschedule, I can get the right forms filled out and locked in, and we can actually have time to promote.

But still... no spooky stories this afternoon. Sniff. Maybe I'll con the kids into doing some campfire storytelling. Or bribe them with candy corn or something. ;)

On the subject of spooky stories, I'm re-reading The Shining.

Every time I've read the book, I've just sort of plodded through all the stuff about Horace Derwent. This morning I woke up and slapped myself in the forehead. All of his investments turn to gold. The ghosts recognize him as the main guy. It's his opening party that the hotel relives.

Horace Derwent had the Shine, and he's the one that initially "turned on" the malevolent energy that Danny is meant to lock in.


Am I the last person on Earth to notice that? Serves me right for not paying attention.

There's a post at fanficrants this morning about little-used fandoms. Law and Order occurred to me as one that's not ficced much, which is surprising since the show deliberately leaves out personal lives, thereby leaving people totally free to speculate on how the Jack/Claire relationship worked, or how Rey and Deborah managed to work through his brief affair, or how Anita explained her lawsuit to her kids, particularly when she lost, and so on. But I'm not compelled to write it, and I have a funny feeling that L&O-lovers enjoy the work focus too much to spoil it.

On the other hand, I do have a timid little bunny nibbling at the hem of my skirt, in which Kingsley Shacklebolt is called to New York to help the Muggle police force... er, hinder them, more likely... in a murder that the Aurors believe to be perpetrated by a dark wizard. '95-96 would be Briscoe, Curtis, McCoy, Kincaid.

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