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Random meme - The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
Random meme
Gakked from themorningstarr

1. Enter your name into Google
2. Click "Image Search"
3. Pick your favorite and post it in your journal.

Okay. Nothing comes up on FernWithy except for my own graphics and buttons on sites that store my stories. Putting in my full name netted a high school pic of myself--from a play I was in, Oliver! (I played Charlotte, the undertaker's daughter)--that I put up about ten years ago for a mailing list I was on. The site was down, but I was able to save the thumbnail from google:

When I added my middle initial, my book cover (U.K. version) came up, but that has my real name on it, so I won't link. Nothing funny, though.

I don't know if anyone's reading the stories, but I found one I'd forgotten about and not looked at for a couple of years. It's an alternate universe after RotJ (just a short while after), in which Luke manages to keep Anakin alive long enough to speak to both of his children.


I feel a bit...: bored bored

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