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Mini memespam - The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
Mini memespam
Well, when I first checked, memes were ahead. I will come up with a good fanfic rant this afternoon. Meanwhile, memes were thin on the ground today--I only found four (one of which I'd already done) in the first 100 entries in my f-list. But, here they are!

Classic lit, nicked from cinderjewel

Lord of the rings
J.R.R. Tolkien: Lord of the Rings. You are
entertaining and imaginative, creating whole
new worlds around yourself. Well loved, you
have a whole league of imitators, none of which
is quite as profound as you are. Stories and
songs give a spark of joy in the middle of your
eternal battle with the forces of evil.

Which literature classic are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Islove, today nicked from finmagik
remus lupin is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator
(And I only had to re-do it once. The first one said, "Perry is love." That's more or less a whopper of a lie, so I had to do it again!)

Buffy scene meme, nicked from hobviously

Five Scenes of BtVS I am Grateful For:
(No particular order, except the order I think of them in.)

  1. Post-chipping Spike's attack on Willow, when he discovers he can't bite her and she blames it on herself for being unattractive. This is a scene that does one of the things the series does best--realistic treatment of the surreal. Willow, angsting on about not being attractive--who can't relate?--then realizing when she tells him, "Maybe if we wait a half an hour..." she's telling him to try killing her again, at which point she whacks him with something. I love both Willow and Spike as characters, and this scene in particular is great between them, and despite its kind of macabre and dangerous nature, it's hilarious. Okay, because it's macabre and dangerous.

  2. I love the "Restless" speech ("I walk. I talk..." etc), but just to be different, I'm going to go with the scene where Buffy walks in on Riley and Adam plotting world domination. The dream logic is perfect, and it shows that despite Riley's niceness, Buffy subconsciously doesn't count on him. And Adam's line, when she asks what his real name is and he says, "Before Adam? Not a man among us knows..." (Or whatever. Don't have it memorized.) And then Riley comes through in the end, reminding her that she's looking for her friends and getting her away from that creepy face-paint clay. Just a well-done sequence.

  3. "Take all that away and what do you have left?"
    Brilliant. The best duel in the series, between Buffy and Angel at the end of S2, when he has her cornered, and after a season of often feeling like a failure, she rises up and finds her power... and the strength to kill him when she needs to do it. I was glad in S7 when Xander tried to tell her that she gave free passes to the men in her life and she reminded him that she killed Angel.

  4. Willow and Xander at the bluff, in "Grave" (S6). I loved the Willow/Xander friendship in all of its permutations, but they seemed to have spent very little time with each other when they were paired off with Tara and Anya respectively. (They hung out fine when they were paired off with Oz and Cordy! What gives?) But that scene, where he goes after her and tells her to kill him first, and that he loves her and if the world's going to end, he'd rather be with her than anywhere else... Just beautifully played, and possibly the only scene that could make me love S6.

  5. "Can we rest now?"
    Guh. Season 7, "From Beneath You." Spike deliberately burning himself by draping his bare arms and chest over the cross, asking for forgiveness and grace. I thought S7 was largely weak, but that one moment hit genuine art. I don't think I've ever seen religious iconography used better on television.

There are tons of other scenes, and a different morning might net a different top five, but that's where my brain went.

Layers meme, nicked from kelleypen


Created by andy and taken 8308 times on bzoink!

BirthplaceBuffalo, NY
Current locationBoston, MA
Righty or LeftyRighty
Zodiac SignLeo
Your heritageMostly English, with a healthy side of German and smattering of French, Irish, Scottish, and Danish
Your weaknessCompulsive overeating
Your shoes you wore todayratty old sneakers
Your fearsheights
Your perfect pizzaSausage and broccoli (Don't look at me like that. Broccoli pizza is yummy.)
Goal you'd like to achieveI'd like to be the original owner of some category on FFN.
Your thoughts first waking up's cold in here. Sleep more.
Your best physical featureMy hair
Your bedtime1-2am
Your most missed memoryAt the moment? My cat.
Pepsi or CokePepsi (Diet)
McDonald's or Burger KingBK
Single or group datessingle
Adidas or NikeNeither; too expensive
Lipton Ice Tea or NesteaNestea
Chocolate or vanillaChocolate
Cappuccino or coffeeTea
CussMore than I should
SingNot well
Take showers dailyBad for the skin; every other day
Have a crushNot at present
Think you've been in loveProbably not
Want to go collegeAlready went
Want to get marriedDefinitely
Believe in yourselfYes
Get motion sicknessHugely
Think you're attractiveNot particularly
Think you're a health freakNo
Get along with your parentsYes
Like thunderstormsYES!!!!
Play an instrumentTwo; flute and piano. Neither well.
Layer.six - in the past months
Gone to the mallYes
Eaten an entire box of OreosYes
Eaten sushiYes
Been on stageNo
Gone skatingNo
Made homemade cookiesNo
Gone skinny dippingNo
Dyed your hairNo
Stolen anythingNo
Label.seven - ever..
Been trashed or extremely intoxicatedYes
Been called a teaseNo :mad gales of laughter at concept:
Got beaten upNo
Age you hoped to be married24... kinda missed that deadline.
Number and name of children3; names change regularly, though I'm a big fan of "Reconcile" for a girl, which could get me arrested on child abuse charges in some states
Dream weddingSmall, simple; involves someplace with trees
How do you want to dieI don't
Where do you want to attend collegeAlready attended. Tufts. Go Jumbos!
Dream jobFull time writer
Country you want to visitUnited Kingdom
Layer.nine - In a guy/girl...
Best eye colorBlue
Best hair colorBlack
Short or long hairlong-ish
HeightAt least my height
Best weightAt my weight, I should be picky?
Best clothingI go for sporty/preppy types
Best first date locationAnywhere quiet enough to talk
Best first kiss locationBy the ocean, or a waterfall
Number of drugs taken illegally0
Number of people I could trust with my life2
Number of CDs that I own8
Number of piercings2 (ears)
Number of tattoos0
Number of times my name's been in the newsNo idea
Number of scars on my body3
Number of things in my past that I regret.Countless

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chienar From: chienar Date: December 1st, 2004 06:08 am (UTC) (Link)
Perry is love? *gales of laughter*
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