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Snagged from webbapettigrew. (Code tweaked to avoid nasty horizontal scrollbars.)

You scored as Couch Potato Cat. Decorative pillow? No, that'd be you sitting on the couch, even still. Hmm. . . I'm guessing you have Web TV.


Couch Potato Cat


Love Machine Cat


Ninja Cat


Drunk Cat


Pissed at the World Cat


Nerd Cat


Derranged Cat


Which Absurd Cat are you?
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Edit: Thing that makes me go hmmm. I did that whole post on HP manners a few days ago, and a handful of the comments seemed to assume I was British. (Things like, "I'm one of those Americans..." and so on.) This isn't insulting, nor were the comments off, it just struc me as a hmmm moment. The manners I learned were Anglo-Am, and not of recent immigration, either (I'm a thirteenth generation American; when I say my ancestors came from Kent, I mean, for the most part, that they lived there when "thee" and "thy" were part of every day speech). I found the manners in HP familiar to me, because they are frankly not that different, and what differences there are (eg, an American does not properly bow to royalty, no matter how much social climbing he or she wants to do) are not anything we've encountered. The things I listed are common WASP manners, not things that are specific to the UK itself. Just makes me go "hmmm" that people assumed from it that I was British. Huh.

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