FernWithy (fernwithy) wrote,

Pairing meme

Gacked from gehayi.

Yeah, I'm a genficcer. I'm also bored.

1: Name a pairing that you absolutely would die for.
Remus/Tonks. I would love it to pieces and kiss JKR's feet. Er, well, okay, I wouldn't, especially since I'm sure she has bodyguards to prevent such a thing and also, ick, but I love R/T beyond all reason.

2: The pairing that you like.
Harry/Ginny. I'm not passionate about it, but I think it makes loads of plot and theme sense, and it would have such a nice, complete feel to it. Highly satisfying on a symbolic level, if not anything I especially care about on a character level.

3: You would give this pairing, or keep it.
Ron/Hermione. Shrug. It's canon. I like both people in it. They're good for each other, and their relationship would be good for Harry. But I can't be arsed to care all that much about it.

4: The pairing that you wouldn't really care about but still support it.
Bill/Fleur. Oh, she's pretty and he's cool. There's a good basis for a relationship. Nevertheless, it's canon, and hey--we might get a wizard wedding out of it, and I'm dying to see a wizard wedding.

5: You really hate this pairing to hell, and you wish it was never alive.
Snape/Lily. Good galloping G-d, are we totally incapable of thinking that Snape might have conflicts with James and Dumbledore--or later with Voldemort--that aren't driven by sexual jealousy or protection?

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