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Old home call - The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
Old home call
Nicked from seangaffney

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I got a phone call last night from an old high school friend, checking on my Indonesian exchange sister (she's fine). It had been ages since I heard from him, but oddly, I'd thought about him only two days ago when someone at deleterius talked about people who have multiple names (this particular person had five of of them--two middle names at birth, plus a confirmation name added when he was sixteen). He used to pick me up for school in a ratty old Subie, and when it finally went to the junk heap, he gave me the key as a good luck charm with the hope that someday I would finally learn to drive. (I have my license finally; being able to drive is a slightly different matter. The world is safer with me carless.) On more than one occasion, he showed up and we decided to ditch (er, um... of course, I would never ever ditch school, ever), at which point we watched Disney movies or The Wizard of Oz. Wild child days. He's annoyed that I haven't found a local theater group. I said they were mostly semi-pro in Boston, and he made me very happy by snapping at me in an irritated way and saying, "So what? You're good enough to be semi-pro, for God's sake."

Grin. I haven't been on a stage since my freshman year of college (though I showed up in my campus soap, I don't count that, since I wrote it and directed it), so I doubt any skill I used to have is still there--I've sublimated all of the things I picked up acting to characterization in writing--but it's nice to hear from someone who still remembers me as a drama club rat and thinks well of me in that regard. I'm not interested in the backstage drama of semi-pro local theater, so I doubt I'll do anything about it, but still. Makes me homesick for the smell of pancake make-up baking under stage-lights.

I feel a bit...: nostalgic nostalgic

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mozartopia From: mozartopia Date: January 4th, 2005 04:35 pm (UTC) (Link)
I've always thought your work had a dramatic quality about it--in the theatrical sense. FH, for example, plays through my mind like a film with the most gorgeous cinematography. Must admit that I hoped for the longest time that Lucas would read it and rope you in to work on the script for Episode III...
purple_ladybug1 From: purple_ladybug1 Date: January 4th, 2005 04:54 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hi! azaelia_culnamo recommended I friend you, so I complied. I've read some (or all, it's so hard to keep them all straight) of your fics at the quill, and enjoyed them. I go by Astrid in Quillville, but I'm just a reader, not a writer.

kelleypen From: kelleypen Date: January 4th, 2005 08:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
I got aquamarine too, with a 93%. I was high in all of them. My penultimate to last stone was a 67%. Bizarre. I wonder how the quiz is put together and how each thing is ranked. I bet we could come up with some fascinating memes . . .
chienar From: chienar Date: January 4th, 2005 10:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
Now you know... I can only remember 4 of his names, and will just have to hunt down my danged yearbook to find the fifth. *mutters*

Also Very good news that your Indonesian sister is safe.
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