January 2nd, 2005

Illustmaker me

Insomnia's back

Ah, yes. 3:30 am and not even vaguely sleepy.

This is stupid.

I hate it when I write myself into a corner (see end of Shifts post). It makes me antsy and annoyed with myself and is bad for potential sleep.

So, let's see. I'll do the first five memes I find on my f-list.

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Illustmaker me


Over at the Quill's pet peeves thread, there was a post that, in the midst of talking about something else, listed a bunch of joking weird pairings, including Harry/Hedwig (I seem to recall reading that once, though she was, of course, an animagus, because bird o' prey-lovin', ouch) and Flitwick/Draco.

It got me thinking on a different tangent.

I don't like odd pairings all that much, but it occurred to me that there was one I haven't seen much of, although it has more canon basis than popular ones like, say, Snape/Lupin (they don't interact all that much after PoA) or Cho/Ginny (not seen together off the Quidditch pitch in canon, but a minor common ship in fandom). Is there any such thing as a Molly/Remus? I mean, twice in OotP, we see him comforting her over very personal issues (her boggart and Percy's jumper), which is more than most ships are launched on.

I'm not really interested in reading one; unfaithful!Molly and homewrecker!Remus don't work for me and actually kind of squick me. It just occurred to me that in my various travels through fandom, I've never so much as seen reference to it. No fic recs, no art, nada. And it seemed odd since there really actually is some hint of a deeper friendship than Harry recognizes in canon, which, in a ship-obsessed fandom, seems like it would spawn ship-fics.


It just struck me as odd in that sort of "Huh" way. I often wonder where ships come from, and if I squint at canon while hanging upside down from a trapeze and swinging, I could almost make one out there, which is more than I can say for some relatively common ships, so I was wondering why it doesn't seem to be out there with the rest in our crowded little harbor. Middle-aged moms just unshippable?