January 3rd, 2005

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Keeping sane

miss_daizy posted a link to a Psychology Today article about overanxious parenting, connecting it to anxiety and depression, as well as to grade inflation and extended adolescence.

It's a good article. Check it out.

But at one point, in the course of it, the author (listed as PT, so I take it to be a PT editor), said (in talking about the lack of development of planning skills in an instant-gratification world),

Further, it's in the setting of goals and progress in working toward them, however mundane they are, that positive feelings are generated. From such everyday activity, resistance to depression is born.

This is really interesting to me. The meme-post I did the other day asked, "What kept you sane?" and I answered, Shifts. It was an off-the-cuff answer, but I think it was true. It gets me a little hyped up now and then, but having that appointed expectation every day really keeps me on an even keel in a way that waiting for The Muse or whatever simply doesn't. Apparently, there's an actual reason for this--the part of the brain involved in planning is also the part involved in depression and anxiety, and making and keeping plans helps stave them off.


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