January 5th, 2005

Illustmaker me


As a member of deleterius and occasional Sue-hunter (if of the sort of timid variety), I must confess something about myself.

I adore weird names.

Oh, not weird spellings of normal names, or names that are made up because they sound pretty without really thinking about them and what kind of effect they would have on their bearers. And I think parents who give their children joke names really should be charged with something.

But just unusual names? Old family names? Ethnic names from non-mainstream cultures?

Dude, I love them, and think that one of the great advantages of living in 2004 as opposed to 1904 is that no told Keanu Reeves that he had to become "Ken" in order to be an actor. (Well, that's a case in point, obviously; I don't give much of a rip about Mr. Reeves. But you know what I mean. That we as a culture just kind of shrugged at his name and said, "Huh, cool," is a truly groovy thing.)

That said, I mainly collect odd old names for the purpose of staring at them and saying, "Man... people were really named that?" But I did find them handy for one thing, which brings me to a second transgression, more serious than simply liking the names: I have encouraged people to use them in writing.

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