January 6th, 2005

Illustmaker me


No words seem to be tumbling out of my fingertips at the moment. I think I'll take tonight off from Shifts. Sorry! No writer's block or anything; I know where I'm going. I'm just not getting there.
Illustmaker me

Brief HP tidbit

Someone on my f-list who I can't remember or find mentioned that he was all excited to find out what Grimmauld Place meant, only to have a young son point out that it means "Grim Old Place." True, of course, true. But why let that spoil a good question? :p So I looked in the dictionary of surnames, and I'd bet that Grimmauld is a variant of Grimaud (including variants like Grimault, Grimal, Grimaux, Grémaud, Grimoldi, Grimaudi, and Grimod, according the dictionary). This is derived from a Germanic personal name combining the words grim (!) (mask) and wald (rule). (Hey, German speakers--what does grindel mean (or what is it the root of)? BabelFish says "standard," but doesn't translate "standard" back to "grindel." Basically, if "wald" means rule, then what does it say about Grindelwald?) And "Grindelwald" and "Grimmauld" are phonetically close... any connection?

Was going to mix this with another post, but I'll make a second one instead, since it's an entirely different subject.