January 18th, 2005

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Prince Harry and the wardrobe malfunction

Prince Charles needs to have a serious talk with his wayward son. Seriously. What a dumb-ass thing to do (for the one person left on Earth who doesn't know, Prince Harry went to a costume party as a Nazi and got his picture snapped), especially when you have good reason to know that people are going to be taking pictures of you.

But that's a family matter.

Folks, it was a costume party, not a march through Skokie or a neo-Hitler-Youth rally. It was a horrendous idea for a costume, but it was a costume. If he were just wandering around on the street saying "Sieg Heil" to random folks, I'd see the vast international uproar, and particularly a huge uproar in Britain, which would (rightly) see him as allying with a regime that tried to, you know, wipe them out. That would border on treason. But it was a costume party. Apparently a badly thought out and poorly-themed one, but easily chalked up under, "G-d, people do stupid things sometimes." But of course, Harry decked a reporter awhile back. After what the press did to his mother, I'm thinking, "Go, Harry." But that's got to be rankling, so the first major gaffe, boom.

It has, as I understand it, been used as a basis to attack the royalty from. Oh, dear. Prince Harry did something stupid. Wipe them out, all of them. :eyeroll:
Illustmaker me


Okay. Chapter Ten of Shifts is up at SQ, with a little bit of clarifying that the prank on Narcissa devolved--to Sirius's annoyance--into the visit to Joe by Dora and Andromeda. I tweaked something else, but I can't remember what.

Anyway, a couple of the comments there and a couple in the original post here made the assumption that Andromeda was uncomfortable with the idea of Remus dating Dora because he's a werewolf. That's emphatically not something I mean to imply--Andromeda has any number of issues, but she has nothing against werewolves in particular; her issue with the relationship is, as Remus's, the age difference (along with the added squick that someone she trusted to take care of her child now may have a sexual interest in her)--and I'd like to figure out how to avoid it. The scene was mostly there to show that it wasn't only people joking about their relationship or people for whom they were performing who noticed that something was starting to change. I deliberately didn't have Remus make the assumption because it would be outside of his frame of reference for Andromeda, but I'm not sure what it is in the exchange that's screaming antilycanthropism... any advice on how to be clearer, or should I just let it lie?

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The French Revolution

Alright. liwy and thewhiteowl asked for it...

Last night, I watched a documentary on the French Revolution on the History Channel. The advertising tag line for a couple of weeks has been, "For a couple of hours, it won't kill you to love the French."

As tag lines go, it wasn't bad. The petty pleasure in French-bashing is more or less over, and we're starting to feel a bit bad about it (until the next burst of American-bashing makes it across the Atlantic, anyway), so we're ripe for something that says, "Hey, cool. France. They're friends, right?" All would have been well except...

If this is what the History Channel thinks is going to make us love anyone, I really wonder what they think of their audience.

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The inaugural protest

So... the basic idea of the not-one-damn-dime thing is more or less to protest the choice of the red states by economically crippling the blue ones for a day? I get the symbolism (and of course, the blue states contribute quite a lot to the national gross), but punishing a Boston bookseller who was disappointed in how conservative Kerry was strikes me as possibly not the best strategy. Or maybe it's just me.
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