January 30th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Shifts, Chapter 31: Living Memory, pt. 1

Okay, back at it. I use yellow crime scene tape in this scene because I figured I'd be lazy and ask for the Britpick instead of trying to figure out what policemen in London would use to mark off a crime scene. If yellow crime scene tape wouldn't normally be used in this situation, please let me know, and I'll wave my wand and Transfigure it into something else. ;)

Oh, Chapter Twelve: Substitutes is up at SQ, minor tweaks. I forgot to mention that I did add a whole paragraph to Sirius's memories of his brother in Chapter Eleven (Quill version). It's actually fun going back this much later and tweaking here and there!

The crime scene in question is from the end of the last chapter, when, after an uneventful transformation of his own, Remus is told that Edward Holmes--who had been missing for a little less than two weeks--was found dead in a Muggle flat not terribly far from Grimmauld Place.

Table of Contents and Summary So Far

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Illustmaker me

Three brief manners rants

Because I need a break from animal symbolism in AotC, a statement which might make sense in a couple of days but might not at the rate I'm going. Why do I procrastinate????

Anyway, three people requested rants that ultimately deal with manners and perception of communities and so on, so they seemed good to put together.

For buongiornodaisy:
The gross misconceptions people have on the internet, those who use it, and "netiquette".
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For penny_pixie
People putting down adult fans of Harry Potter. I don't know if you've done that yet.
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For sreya

With Episode III coming up, I'd like to see a rant on how some original trilogy SW fans absolutely eviscerate prequel fans. Not a rant on "How can people not like the prequels?" but "For goodness sake, there are perfectly good reasons to like the prequels even if you don't!"

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