February 2nd, 2005

Illustmaker me

Wizards and religion

I know. I'm opening a can of worms. Oh, well.

magnolia_mama recced a fic from copperbadge today (Kaddish, and I hope copperbadge doesn't mind me linking it in a can o' worms post), which postulated that Remus was Jewish and had him saying Kaddish for Sirius at Godric's Hollow. As it happens, Remus tends to strike me as Catholic rather than Jewish (probably just the Latin and French names), but the notion of his being religious is in tune with him. Maybe not as clearly as I can see Sirius doing it, sort of as a rebellious thing, but probably in a more thoughtful way.

But in the course of the story, Remus apologizes several times about being religious, and says that "most wizards think religion is stupid." I've noticed this attitude in fandom and always thought it a bit odd. Religion and magic don't seem to have a lot to do with one another. It would be kind of surprising if wizards--more than anyone in the surrounding milieu--had any particular stance about it. If anything, their general old-fashioned milieu would strike me as friendlier toward religion, but nothing in canon suggests an attitude one way or the other.

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