February 3rd, 2005

Illustmaker me

Shifts, Chapter 32: Charms

Chapter Thirteen (Unsportsmanlike Conduct) is up at SQ. Fixed a couple of problems, but looking at it, I'm slapping my head, as Remus still has a pennant in his hand, even though I took it away from the boy who dropped it off. Sigh. I thought I'd taken it out, but I must not have saved it afterward.

Remus intended to discuss the Snape situation more with Sirius, but he finds the Weasley twins in the house when he gets there.

Table of Contents and Summary So Far

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Illustmaker me

Character flattening rant

For straussmonster.

I'd like a rant about what happens in fic when an author obviously loves and completely identifies with one character and thus absolutely hates and cannot treat fairly or even canonically another. Pick your poison in terms of specific examples of choice; I was thinking Snape/MWPP fans who wage bloody battles in fic with the ends always resulting in crap.

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Illustmaker me

Stupid, ignorant Americans?

A rant of my own. I meant to do it yesterday and forgot (oddly, I got sidetracked doing math at work).

Yesterday at lunch, I was listening to an immigrant hostess and her native-born manager having a conversation about how little Americans know about her home country of Brazil.

Hostess: And of course, we know a great deal about America, but Americans don't know anything about Brazil!

Manager: It's true, it's true. Americans don't know anything about other countries.

Hostess: It's a great country--I like it here--but you really don't know much!

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