February 5th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Shifts, Chapter 32: Charms, pt. 3

I think I may come out to the same chapter count as OotP. :D (Little things delight me.) Of course, that's not counting the prologue and epilogue. My chapters are shorter than JKR's, though.

(Okay, don't mind me. I'm averaging 1700-2100 words a day, and my brain is complete mush. And my temper is short, so I'm sure people around me will be glad when I'm finished. But I'm also really elated. It's like this burst of energy at the end of a marathon. Maybe I'll see if I can take a few days off from work when I finish and just have a blast. Though writing alone misses the fun of the last long project I finished (Ascension of the Queen), since there's no co-writer to party with. Maybe I'll have a big virtual party here.)

Anyway, I'm not going to finish if I keep chattering away about how close to finishing I am. And it's like, six chapters, so not imminent. It just feels that way. I left Remus doing a memory charm on Dudley. I'm kind of fudging on sports here and pretending that the boxing team would have matches all year, as the Quidditch teams do.

Table of Contents and Summary So Far

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