February 6th, 2005

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Shifts, Chapter 33: Interlude (6)

Meh. A lot of stuff to cover, not much connective tissue to work with. I was going to put in a scene between Dumbledore and the Queen, but I don't really like real person fics, so I opted against it. I'll go back and work into the scene where he's getting the robes ready that he is, in fact, meeting with the Queen in order to start throwing wrenches into the Ministry's Muggle contacts in the government (she's going to go talk to the PM about the situation).

It's the full moon at the beginning of June.

Table of Contents and Summary So Far

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Illustmaker me

Fanon, canon, and the difference

Canon=What's in the books or has been stated by JKR herself

Fanon=What we've speculated based on that

Fanon may or may not become canon at some point in the future--not every speculation is wrong--and it's fun to play with sometimes, but it Is. Not. Canon.

There is nothing in canon (unless JKR has updated her site on the topic sometime in the last eight hours) saying that no Black before Sirius was in Gryffindor. Nothing. Nada. The notion that Andromeda couldn't have been in Gryffindor is pure fanon with no basis, and it wasn't fanon that I found interesting, so guess where I put her? And guess where she's staying until J.K. Rowling says otherwise?

(Well, actually, I probably wouldn't retcon things already up even if JKR contradicted me, that stuff's finished; I just wouldn't write new stuff contradicting new canon.)

Lily being a prefect is sensible fanon--if JKR remembers that she was head girl--but it's not canon, so if you write a story in which some other Gryffindor girl is the prefect in their year, I'm happy to entertain that idea. Draco being actually a nice guy in a bad situation is fanon, but if JKR goes that way, I'll promptly write him as such. Just...

Grrr. Aaargh.


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Paradey goodness

Ah, it's hard not to be a sports fan living in Boston this year. :D We get a parade. I get to see it. Yay! :D

Sorry, that was a pointless post, so I'll just leave it at

Congrats, Patriots!

Also, hey, Eagles, especially T.O.--awesome game!

Oh, and ETA: Thank you, Paul McCartney. Imagine--a halftime show consisting of a talented guy singing and playing the piano and guitar. No wardrobe malfunctions.

And it was Paul McCartney. I don't care how old that man gets, he is always going to be easy on the eyes as well as the ears.