February 8th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Random thoughts

Random Thought #1: Parade just went by. Yay, Pats! Bellichek waved in my general direction. :P Alas, Sir Paul didn't come with the whole Superbowl deal. Sigh. I had to quickly take down the Congrats Red Sox signs that have been up for a few months, so that the Pats would have their own signs, which I guess will be left up until the Boston Marathon (which no one from Boston ever wins, but that's okay, we root for everyone in it anyway). The crowd wasn't as big as the Sox crowd, but there's a difference between waiting one year and waiting eighty-six. Also, it's a weekday instead of a Saturday, and there are snowbanks on the parade route.

Random Thought #2: Could delivery companies attempt to practice common sense, or do I have to start lobbying for an annoying city ordinance? Hint: If you are a large truck and you stop in the middle of the street to unload many cases of beer (or whatever you're delivering), you block at least one lane. Doing this on a major street during rush hour is not a great idea. Despite the undeniable entertainment value of watching healthy young guys lugging heavy things around, I'd really rather make it to work on time, kthnxbai. So please, don't make me start contacting my city councilman to suggest an ordinance actually banning deliveries along major traffic routes between seven and ten a.m., because I'm about one ten minute delay away from doing so.

Random Thought #3: Whoever decided that dirty-diaper brown was a good color for industrial rugs needs to be forced to live in a small room carpeted with these things for a year. Give me a real color!!!