February 12th, 2005

Illustmaker me

The problem with Mulan 2

Yeah, yeah. I'm a Disney freak. I just got the Mulan straight-to-video sequel. Whatever. If I can't admit to Disney geekdom at this age, my ego is too bruisable.

And it wasn't a bad movie, really. Like the first Mulan, it had lovely watercolor-style backgrounds, a smart heroine who takes the initiative, and a love interest who has no problem admitting that he likes her for herself. (When Shang is furious with Mulan in the first movie, it's not because she's stepping out of her station in life or whatever, it's because she's been telling him a big, honking lie, and he's hurt.) Mushu the dragon with attitude is still one of the funnier talking animal sidekicks, his attitude of total self-involvement showing up a fake every time things get rough for Mulan. The plot of M2 is trite and predictable (three princesses, three guards, do the math), but that's to be expected in this sort of business. I'll even give them points for dropping the politically correct "Hun" enemy and actually managing to point out that China's enemies on the northern border were, unsurprisingly, Mongols.

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