February 15th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Shifts, Chapter 36: Mists and Mirrors, pt. 1

Thanks to everyone who proposed DoM divisions, particularly ashavah, whose notion of a soul room migrated to the Mystery of Identity here (well, not here, but in upcoming sections). That was a fun exercise.

Chapter Fifteen ("You Are The Murderer!") is up at SQ. Minor wording changes here and there, nothing too fussy. Just clarifying sorts of things.

Moving into the DoM battle, Snape has told the gathered members of the Order that Harry is missing, and Remus has decided that he needs all hands on deck, including Sirius's, because Harry has only five people with him, and they don't know how many Death Eaters will be there.

Table of Contents and Summary So Far

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Illustmaker me


Heh, I've been doing this fanfic immediate feedback thing for too long. I guess I'm a little less concerned about my scheduling oddness.

I'm reading an advance copy of a new YA book, written by a guy who teaches in Texas and used to teach in California. It features a student who finishes up his finals, goes home for the summer, then, after a series of events, must be sent off on a quest that hast to be finished by summer solstice, which, in my world at least, is June 21. He has ten days. Which means it's June eleventh. And he's been at camp for three weeks (well, it's an indeterminate amount of time, but at least a couple of weeks).

This fits very well with the Albuquerque school schedule and I'm willing to bet Texas is about the same. (ETA, checked the San Antonio public schools page, and, yup, their last scheduled day is May 30, while NYC's final day is June 28th or 29th. San Francisco, where he taught before was, June 10th.) Unfortunately, in New York, where the story is set, school gets out in late June. My graduation was June 24, and it was about average. So I have late June in my head for the end of school, and I was trying to figure out how he was trying to accomplish something before solstice, since it obviously would already have passed. But then again, it got by editors in New York, which makes me wonder if I'm a bit too scared of making goofs.