February 22nd, 2005

Illustmaker me

Oh, no!

What on Earth am I going to write tonight? ;)

I could work on my ithurtsmybrain Neville/Marion Ravenwood story, but I'm not quite ready for a fully formed fic yet.

What the hell... I'll go back to the hour-fic concept. I'll take the first three challenges--anyone but Remus, who is tired and needs to regroup before he talks again.

ETA: Wait a minute... I'm celebrating the end of a long writing project by... writing? I think that may qualify as being hooked. Oh, well.

ETA2: Got the three.
merlin relaxes

Ten things meme

From everyone and his or her signficant other's stepfather's dog groomer:

Ten things I've done that you all might not have. If, that is, I can think if of ten such things. I'm a fiction writer. The most intersting things that happen to me happen in my imagination.

1. Written one of the official tie-in novels for an erstwhile television series.
2. Lived in a cheap hotel in Koreatown (in L.A.) for a month.
3. Written and produced a campus soap opera for four semesters.
4. Had an article published (in a campus rag) that included the line, "Oh, yes. Whip me. Beat me. Tie me up with licorice strings."
5. Had my first exchange sister, from Finland, visit while my second exchange sister, from Indonesia, was living with us.
6. Traded clothes around among the three of us--my Finnish sister and I got the Balinese dancers' headdresses and my Indonesian sister was going around in a cowboy hat.
7. Kept a social engagement made with friends in junior high that wasn't fulfilled until our late twenties and early thirties.
8. Played the piano at my grandmother's third wedding.
9. Missed my grandmother's fourth wedding because I was out of state and couldn't afford to travel.
10. Sprained my ankle and broke my heel getting out of bed in the morning.
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Illustmaker me

Challenge 1: The whole bloody pack


Do not drink bubbly wine and then try to settle in and work. I decided to be a good girl and do the piece I promised for zephprolixity a long time ago--I've been horribly delinquent on several things while pushing to finish Shifts, and I really didn't have any business calling for anything else--spent three hours mucking around on it and getting it the way I wanted it, and didn't save. Not even once. And guess what? Yuppers. Comp froze, I lost the whole shebang.


I need to play, though. I'm going to do the challenges.

L/J for coralia13

Hey... L/J for LJ. :p

I'm not sure this counts as a challenge, but... will you write something MWPP, focusing on L/J?

Heh. James is still trying to get a word in edgewise in my head, but Lily snuck in instead.

Start 11:22 p.m.

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