February 23rd, 2005

Illustmaker me

Because I'm not used to sleeping this early anymore...

Yes, it's 2am. AKA, usually when I'm swearing at the screen saying, "Come together, will you?! This doesn't make sense! Lupin, sort it OUT!"

So, random post about Harry and Lupin, their relationship, possible paths, so on and so forth.

In the course of writing Shifts, I had to do a lot of dancing around the fact that Lupin wasn't in contact with Harry for the better part of two years, and that Harry never thought to write to him either (except once, and he rejected it). I had to think about it fairly heavily because I needed to present a reason from Remus's side as to why he wasn't there.

But in the several re-reads of canon scenes involving Lupin and Harry both, I noticed one very, very clear thing: Harry doesn't ask for any explanation, or appear to think one is necessary. Harry's just always glad to have Lupin around, in whatever capacity. The narrative doesn't even touch this absence issue that fans like to gnaw at.

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