February 26th, 2005

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Banned books meme

From everyone everywhere. I wonder about the statistics and was about to do bookshop's variation, using the ALA's list from the last ten years, but that's just misbehaving sheepage. ;)

List of the top 110 banned books (of all time). Bold the ones you've read. Italicize the ones you've read part of. Underline the ones you specifically want to read (at least some of). Read more. Convince others to read some.
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I've seen a lot of people commenting on the irony that they books they've read here, they've read on assignment, but that's not really all that odd--books tend to get challenged when a parent sees an assignment from school and goes totally nuclear. Now and then, it's because of immense popularity (Harry Potter, several Stephen Kings), but mostly it happens when a parent thinks his or her child is being forcibly exposed to something bad for him or her and switches into Mama-Tiger mode, protecting the baby from those big, bad predatory books.

BTW, where does this list come from? I know the ALA lists are compiled every year from reports of books which have been challenged on school and public library shelves (very few of them--none that I've experienced, though I'm willing to assume there may be a few--are actually successfully "banned," just challenged). What stats were gathered for this one?
Illustmaker me

Random thoughts

Oh, blech. I sent off Chapter 18 to SQ last night, and this morning woke up knowing how I could fix the sequence of events that's been bugging me (remembering about Peter's father's mistress before going to Mrs. Pettigrew's really made her information kind of superfluous, and since I'm not trickling the chapter out by days, there's no reason to have that info in there in the scene where it is). Why couldn't I have thought of that before sending it? I beta myself fairly hard (I have a NEWT), plus I use all the comments that people made here, but stuff slips through anyway. Sigh.

For a live show, SNL seems to have a whole lot of repeats. It's quite annoying. I think half of every season is repeats. The news is a lot less fun when it's not, you know, news.

I was just thinking about that book meme. kizmet pointed out how many seemed depressing and dull and whatnot, and the truth is, a lot of the time, I agree with that assessment. What's with the angsty books? Things get challenged because someone is requiring them--otherwise, they more or less slip under the radar--so why all of this depressing-ass stuff on the required lists. Doesn't life suck enough without escaping into a depressing book? If I want to live in a dull, depressing world, I'll just close the book or turn off the computer and take up residence in the Mundane world, thanks. I read to get the hell out of there and get some perspective so I can come back a little more awake.

I'd also add that, as a librarian, I'd love to see more books that are cheerful and funny--there just aren't enough of them for the people who come in looking for them, especially in the non-fantasy part of the collection. It's really easy to find some issue book or something weepy and teary, but when a kid comes in saying, "Hey, I want a good, funny book," there's just not that much of a selection (Louise Rennison and her various imitators, maybe some Harry Potter if the person can tolerate fantasy, Douglas Adams if he can really go for the bizarre). And I've been getting that request a lot. Anyone know of good, full-length novels that are funny and good for teens?