February 27th, 2005

Illustmaker me

And a Tonks fic, just for the heck of it: Conflict of Interest

I think I'm going to nix the idea of doing a long, time-shifting fic involving Tonks and her memories of Cedric as they led her to join the Order. I keep hacking away at it and it keeps hacking back at me. I've got a lot of pieces of it in my head, but they don't come together right, so I keep freezing up. So I think I'll just write the pieces and cobble them together at some later date if they start to look like they'll fit.

So, here we are. A couple of days after the end of the Triwizard Tournament.

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Illustmaker me

Dream home meme

Nicked from antonia_east

You move into a completely empty house and start over from scratch-money is not a consideration. Write down twenty specifics for your ideal home from architectural features to furnishings that are "must haves" for you. They can range from a window seat in the upstairs hall to an English club chair with a tufted ottoman beside a fireplace.

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Illustmaker me

That HP blurb at Mugglenet

Okay. MuggleNet has reported Collapse )

First, while I find nothing improbable (or especially probable) in the blurb--I'm not going to scour through interviews to see if JKR contradicted anything several years ago, because honestly, she might have changed her mind--I also find it highly unlikely that it is from any official source, for one very simple reason: It's reported in a print source.

There is a lag time on print sources, so any release from Scholastic or Bloomsbury would have had to be written and released into general circulation weeks ago. That's how it works--publishers send out press releases on books, and that's where official stuff comes from.

But this blurb does not appear on JKR's site, it doesn't appear on Scholastic's site, and it doesn't appear on Bloomsbury's site, all of which have some variation of the text on Bloomsbury's site, which is the same that appears on amazon.com and bn.com. If an official new blurb had been released, it would have hit the electronic sources first, particularly at Bloomsbury and Scholastic, which would have been where it would have originated--they'd probably upload it at the same time they were sending it to catalogs, though I don't know that for a fact. This is simply because updating an electronic source is much less of a hassle than updating and re-editing a print source; a new piece of information given to Amazon could appear immediately, while something for a printed catalog would have to wait for the next edition. If there were a lag, though, it would go in the other direction--they'd put it up and then release it to the catalog publishers. After those two sites, I'd expect it to go up on online ordering sources, both mass market (amazon, bn) and professional niche markets like Baker and Taylor's TitleSource or wherever. Then, several weeks after the blurb had been released, it would appear in print catalogs that had gotten it on time for their deadlines.

A blurb is a marketing tool, and it would be controlled by the publishers. When it's released into the wild, I'm sure it will be with much fanfare--it's not, after all, a spoiler... if it were, it wouldn't be released. (And no, "Something big about Lily" is not a spoiler. A spoiler would be, "And Harry learns that his mother was a space alien who was dropped off at Hogwarts after time travelling with Captain Kirk.") So it's not a question of them trying to keep it under wraps... there's no economic interest in doing so, as far as I can tell.

I think what we've caught here is just a space-filler description.