March 1st, 2005

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Best and worst dressed... huh?

Okay, I went to look at the best and worst dressed photos from the Oscars, and I don't get it. Yeah, I thought Johnny Depp's costume was a little wonky, but Robin Williams was quirkily Williams-esque. They called Melanie Griffith's dress too fussy and one of the worst of the night, but I thought it was sort of pretty--not the best dress I've ever seen, but not horrible. I also didn't mind Penelope Cruz's bouffant, and Drew Barrymore's dark hair looks way better than Renee Zellweger's (not great, but much, much better), but DB gets on the "worst looks" list, while RZ is on the "best dressed" list... and RZ looked HORRIBLE. Even in the picture meant to show that she was "best dressed," she looked horrible. (I must admit that even at her best--when she's dressed in light colors and blonde--I find her sort of meh-looking. I don't get the obsession H'wood has with her.) Hillary Swank's dress was pretty, but not mind-blowing. Halle Barry's was great and deserved a mention, but Natalie Portman's was just... shrug. Not a flattering color on her (NP's a woman who could get away with the red RZ was wearing). And too low cut; she looked uncomfortable, and uncomfortable isn't attractive.

So, you know... I don't get it. What are the criteria?
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Sheep meme

I might icon this guy. :)

Anyway, I was over at the SQ comm checking out a poll, and someone whose username I didn't recognize right away liked a story of mine, so I dropped her journal and found this cute little meme. From frenchbraider's journal.

Which flock do you follow?

this quiz was made by alanna

(Added from site, since it's not in the code):
You are a -
Grunger Sheep!
I wear and do what I like. Stuff fashion and your scary pop music.

Unrelated follow-up from the author of that English quiz. Er... since when is "gotten" not a regularly used form in America? Learning not to say "gotten" when writing British characters was one of the most difficult parts (to my ear) of writing them! Sheesh... I kept expecting the Big Red Pen of Doom to descend!
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American Idol

Okay, I'm watching Ladies' Night here, and there's one thing that keeps occurring to me with every single contestant and not one of the judges has said it: ENUNCIATE.

Has anyone been to a live performance? Are the vocals clearer there? Because honestly, with most of them, I can't understand a word they're singing, but even the semi-strict Simon never seems to call them on it.