March 6th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Little Bits of Junk, part 1

Okay, as threatened. A Neville Longbottom/Marion Ravenwood fic for ithurtsmybrain. There will be several parts to it before I post a list of links to it over at that comm, though. I'll finish it first. :)

Anyway... the opening is just a plot device. I'll come back and smooth it out as I get the rest of the story down.

Title: Little Bits of Junk
Crossover: Harry Potter/Raiders of the Lost Ark
Rating: PG. Hey, it's me.

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Illustmaker me

Rocky Mountain high....

I just ordered An Evening With John Denver from Amazon. I must be stopped. Kenny Rogers Greatest Hits can't possibly be far behind.

BTW, so there's an actual point to this post...

Check out this entry in doomandnachos' journal. Cool Lily, but especially recced to R/T fans for the lovely R/T-ness that's the the second picture.


Huge art squee. marycontraria did six drawings from my stories, and I love all of them. Very expressive and warm artwork. I love Lily's face in the first one (not to mention the carrots), and Tonks's blue hair, and dog!Sirius, and... well, they're good drawings. Check 'em out. :) Fangirling marycontraria madly.

And I can't believe I never just flat-out recced sannalim's drawings--they're one at a time, but I have them all in this memories list. Lupin's Harem is a great, happy Christmas shopping pic; MWPP meet baby Nymphadora... is a summary of the picture which I can't expound much on, but OMG, dig the 70s clothes. And the final one is from the Department of Mysteries, with Lupin and the remaining DA members.
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