March 9th, 2005

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Chapter Twenty of Shifts is up at the Quill. No changes, even though I'd thought about making some--Dumbledore's only reason for calling Remus up there instead of talking to him by message is exactly what he said. He's old and weary. I think he just wanted to talk face to face... and to get Remus to see what was happening at the school, though he doesn't say so.

And of course, to get Remus away from Grimmauld Place so that Harry doesn't see him there right away. ;)

A new gym opened down at the base of my street. If I start eating right, I can probably pay the fees with saved money on lunches and the idiotic junk I eat when I'm up late binging. Hmmmm.

Speaking of being up late, I'm going to try to fix that, too. All hail sleeping like a normal person. I'm going to bed before 12:30 tonight. It's a resolution sort of thing. It does, however, mean that I'm not going to finish a scene from "Little Bits of Junk." Oh, well. Maybe I can learn to start writing earlier in the day.

It would be nice not to be a night person. But it's just when my mind seems most active. Sigh. Unfortunately, the rest of the world doesn't work on that schedule.

It snowed again.

Is it ever going to stop? I checked my journal. I've been kvetching about the snow since November. That's about four months. Isn't winter only supposed to be 25% of the year? So why the winter weather 33.3% so far?
Illustmaker me

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Well, don't tell me you didn't know I'd write something for Remus.... Now, what shall it be?

(I used to crush on another guy--real life--with a March 10 birthday, so I checked the astrology on it years ago, and, alas, Leo and Pisces... not the best match in the heavens, ya know? Ah, well. I'll just have to stop work on my machine to transfer fictional characters into the real world. Although I'll note that checking a more positive version at ivillage, the astrologer says, "a kind heart allows The Fish to know Leo in a way that many other Signs can not." Which does pertain to Leo Harry. Interesting in light of Ron also being a Pisces.)

So, what shall I do to our dear Mr. Lupin today?

Prisoner of Azkaban missing moment, with students
Prisoner of Azkaban missing moment, with other teachers
The Marauders throw a Gryffindor party for Remus
Shifts outtake; R/T on Remus's birthday
Remus's birthday during one of the "missing years" between 1981 and PoA

I'll do whatever's in the lead when I check in tomorrow.

EDIT: (My vote isn't counting; I just hit a button so the results would show instead of the radio buttons when I looked.)

EDIT 2: Eek, a tie. I'll check at 3:00 my time (half an hour from now) and that's what I'll take.)

EDIT 3: Sorry, Shifts-folks; when I checked at three, PoA with teachers was ahead by two! ;) (Maybe I'll do a Shifty one later.)