March 11th, 2005

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ABC meme

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Went on one of my random hometown searches, to see if anyone had said anything interesting about Perry or Perryites (Boston makes regular, normal news, so I don't have to go on searches). I discovered that they changed the area code. Probably twenty years ago, but I just discovered it. I feel strangely betrayed by this. Also by the already known fact that they've changed the school set up from K-6 and 7-12 to K-8 and 9-12. Don't they know that they're not supposed to change things, even though I hated the place? What were they thinking?
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Odd thought...

Vulcans are werewolves.

I was just thinking about it in regard to the concept of "filing off serial numbers," maybe trying to do an original character jumping off from where I've been playing with Remus. I thought about science fiction, maybe someone who has a disease that makes a normally reasonable person go a little wacky at some random catalyst, and then I thought, Huh, that's called pon farr, isn't it?

Really, the Vulcan is a werewolf archetype, Jekyll and Hyde--most of the time, he's pure superego, always treading the upward path. But every seven years, bam--pure id, pure animal.


Just an odd thought I happened to stumble across in my brain, and since I have an LJ, hey, why not share it?
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Random questions about HP

Chapter 21 of Shifts (Christmas Cheer) is at SQ. A few bits of wording clarified.

Just odd questions about HP. Some may be answered somewhere, but I just don't know about it.

  1. Minerva took over the Transfiguration post several years before Albus became headmaster (even presuming Dumbledore was in for a few years before Lupin started--long enough to get things arranged for him--it would be awhile). Where was Albus Dumbledore during those years?

  2. If a metamorphmagus became an animagus, would his/her animal form be able to change shape? (No, I have no fanfic intentions in that direction. Tonks's word on the subject in my head is, "God, no. I reckon I'd turn into a butterfly or something else totally useless in a fight, and just get splatted on a wall somewhere!" I'm just curious, in theory.)

  3. Okay, we complain about transfer student fics, but what on Earth does happen when a witch or wizard from abroad relocates to Britain with children between 11 and 18? How would that work, with the house system and so on?

  4. When a Muggle-born or half-blood is part of a wedding (as in, the bride or groom), what do they tell the extended Muggle family? Is it made a totally non-magical wedding? (In which case little wizard babies can't come.) Or is it limited to people in the know? (Which might eliminate the Muggle-born's favorite cousin in the whole wide world.) Or do they have two weddings? Or do they cap off the reception with a huge Obliviate? Enquiring minds want to know. Same question for events in the children's lives. Wouldn't old Aunt March be offended if little that odd little Jo never brought the baby by to visit?

  5. Okay, so St. Mungo's was made to be unobtrusive, and sick wizards could blend into the crowd outside. But, hello, even costuming aside, sick wizards have things like, you know, wings. So, how else to do people get in off the street, and if there's another entrance, why do they need the street entrance?
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