March 17th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Evacuation Day

Aye, lads and lasses, it's Evacuation Day again. Annually celebrated in Boston by the traditional method of Revolutionary War remembrance, which is wearing green and drinking beer, and of course the great sale of corned beef and cabbage in the stores. Ah, that Evacuation Day spirit.

The city holiday was apparently signed into law in 1941 under Mayor Tobin, and is celebrated quite faithfully. I'm sure not arguing with a day off, though I do lack the opportunity to wear my green skirt to work. What with the pretty Celtic design, it's just perfect for Evacuation Day celebrations.

(I wonder who we think we're kidding.)

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Illustmaker me

Glrrrgh, gluh.

I'm just having one of those days when I want to stick my tongue out at people. It's probably a good thing that I'm off. I've just been opening up some of my original fic, and sticking my tongue out at it, which isn't a good sign. I really had planned to get back to it. There's a horror story that I was meaning to do about ten years ago, but I have a feeling it's past its prime in my head. There's an sf story about a girl joining a colony ship. The fantasy story I started for NaNo and just hated by the time I really got going. Handful of other things. All crap. Maybe I should write a Harlequin, or some literary novel about poking at belly-button lint. At any rate, I do think I should stop rummaging through what I've got and start fresh. Ideas that haven't sprouted in fifteen years probably aren't going to now. Maybe switching genres entirely would be a good idea.


I'll think of some interesting topic to make a real post about later.
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