March 23rd, 2005

Illustmaker me

Marauders of the Round Table

I just had the title in my head and was thinking about, of all things, how MWPP would have decorated the dormitory (we've been talking Marauders over at SQ, so I had them on the brain), then I came home and found this post by imadra_blue, naming King Arthur as the great Gryffindor hero, and it seemed fated that I should write about the boys. As is usually the case with them in their childhood when I squint myopically at them, they aren't doing anything of great import.

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Illustmaker me

I think too much

I was on the train coming to work, and I saw the Normaderm poster shown on this page. And I just kept staring at it and thinking, "You know, those puzzle pieces don't fit. How hard would it have been to make the puzzle pieces fit?" I think that may be the definition of a picayune quibble.
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Illustmaker me

Hippie chick name meme

From melyanna
Your Hippie Chick Name is: Revelation

That replaced my real name. It was way more fun (and more hippie-ish) than "Magnolia," which replaced FernWithy. Well, actually, Revelation isn't all that hippie-ish, but what the hey. I will say that as someone born in 1970 to a war-protesting hippie-chick type, I bless my mother's stony Yankee sense, unshakeable even at the age of nineteen in the year 1970, about names. I'm not wildly crazy about my name, but I could have been, like, Starshine Aquarius or something, and that really wouldn't fit me well. Plant-name-wise, I'm definitely a Fern. Nothing fancy. Star name wise, my birth sign (Leo) is too distinctly masculine, but probably something simple like Mira or even Alya.